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Main Battle Tanks

The Netherlands used three main MBT's during the 1980's:  Leopard 1, Leopard 1V with add-on armor, and Leopard 2NL (Leopard 2A4).  As the Dutch were the first to adopt the NATO Tri-Color scheme, any West German Leo 2 in that pattern will look almost identical.  I've been told by a reliable source (as in, was actually there) that very few Dutch vehicles would have been painted in NATO Tri-Color prior to the 1990s.

This GHQ Leopard II is done in plain NATO green, such as that used by the Dutch entrants to CAT '87.

Here's an alternative version with add-on baggage

As for the Leopard 1V, I am looking around to see who has a decent version, either as-is or for conversion.


Heavily upgraded IFV version of the M113, armed with a 25mm KBL cannon.  Also used by the Belgians in a similar form.  These are GHQ models, and a much better shot is needed.  I am currently working on three YPR-765 PRC command vehicles -- 2 on the move, and one with a fully deployed penthouse.

H&R New YPR-765
This is one of those models that really highlights how far H&R has come under Andy Kirk with Ian Armstrong as the new designer.  Released in early 2014, it is a radical improvement of the original, and a genuine challenge to the GHQ model's qualitative edge, particularly with its array of online stowage seen on most vehicles.

Scotia YP-408 APC
This is a very good model from Scotia, and covers a rare and interesting subject.

Reconnaissance Vehicles

M113 C&R

Model is from CinC

Another version, with a different paint job

Specialist Vehicles

This is the command version of the YPR-765.  It had an expandable tent for the rear.  The 25mm gun turret was removed, and initial versions had a pintle-mount 12.7mm HMG.  Later, they were upgraded with an enclosed 12.7mm gun mount similar to that found on the US M113A3.  These conversions use GHQ YPR hulls.  The unexpanded tent beams are brass wire, while the expanded tent is a heavier brass wire frame covered with foil.

This is the YPR-765 hull mated with the M901 ITV TOW missile turret

A fine model, particularly as it includes the machinegun, something lacking on the GHQ model.

Artillery, Tracked and Towed


Painted in late Cold War Dutch colors.  Model is, I believe, from Skytrex.

Model is a sub-par one from Skywarrior, with munitions from GHQ.  Decals are from I-94.

Raiden model from I-94 Enterprises, which also made the decals

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