Japanese Self Defense Force

(Also includes Taiwanese and Indian Models)
Main Battle Tanks
Reconnaissance Vehicles
Engineering Vehicles
Artillery, Tracked and Towed
Taiwanese Models
Indian Models
Main Battle Tanks

Type 10
The 2016 model from GHQ

Type 10
A 3D printed model from Kokoda Trail Models, the quality of which is questionable.

Type 90
An excellent new (circa late 2017) model from GHQ

Type 74
1970s Main Battle Tank from Scotia -- 105mm gun armed

Type 61
Early Japanese Main Battle Tank -- 90mm gun armed


Type 89 IFV
GHQ model from 2016, far better than the alternative, a truly fine model

Type 89
A 3D printed model by Kokoda Trail Models.  Like all KTM models, it is scaled up from a smaller scale, and is of minimal quality.

Type 96 Armored Personnel Carrier
From GHQ's 2016 lineup

Type 96
Wheeled armored personnel carrier from Kokoda Trail Models.

Type 82

Wheeled armored command vehicle from Scotia

Type 73 APC
1970s tracked APC from Scotia

Type 60 APC
Early tracked APC from Scotia

The two tracked APCs compared

Reconnaissance Vehicles

Engineering Vehicles

Artillery, Tracked and Towed

Type 99 155mm Self-Propelled Gun

3D printed model from Kokoda Trail Models


C-1 Transport Aircraft
Standard medium-range Japanese transport during the Cold War.  A fine pre-painted model that does require a bit of assembly.  Made by F-Toys.

Another pre-painted model from F-Toys.  Note that I had erroneously labeled this  as a P-3 Orion originally.


Two versions of a common Cold War patrol and ASW aircraft, both pre-painted from F-Toys.


A GHQ model of a common Cold War Japanese aircraft

Taiwanese Models

Three versions of the light armored vehicle, all from Kokoda Trail Models

IFV Version

Machine Gun-Armed Versions

105mm Gun Armed Fire Support Version

Indian Models

T-72M1 (Indian Version)
GHQ model

T-90S Bhishma
GHQ Model

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