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After decades without any South Korea-specific models, a plethora have been released over the last six months, both from GHQ and H&R.  In addition, there are now several South Korean models available from 3-D printer Shapeways (though there are none far)

Main Battle Tanks

Personnel Carriers And Infantry
Recon Assets

Main Battle Tanks

K2 Panther
An excellent new model from GHQ

A better version

This is a 3-D printed version from Shapeways.  Not bad, but not in the same league as the GHQ model.


A key South Korean main battle tank, on par with the M1A1 and early Leopard IIs -- and more than a match for anything the North can field.

This is the GHQ version, which is brilliant, as is expected with all of their new models.

This is the H&R version. It is not quite as detailed as the GHQ model, but is still very good -- also typical of the newer models from Andy Kirk and Ian Armstrong.  In addition, it has baggage in on its turret, which looks great.  However, the crew figures, while a nice touch, are a bit blobby.

A better paint job

Here are the two models together.

APCs, IFVs & Infantry


The South Korean version of the Dutch PRI.  This version is from H&R, and is quite good -- particularly the baggage.  It doesn't show that well in these photos, mainly due to the complicated camo scheme.  After seeing these photos, I believe that I should have black-washed the baggage carriers a bit.

Another new (2013) model from GHQ.  Probably better detailed than the H&R model, but has less "life" due to the lack of baggage.  Plus, it lacks the side equipment racks of the H&R models.

Newest AIFV.  This is a 3-D printed model from Shapeways.  Not a tremendously good model.


This is the GHQ version, which is significantly better

Reconnaissance Vehicles

None so far

Engineering Vehicles

Bridging version of the K1 MBT.  The detail on the bridge in particular is excellent -- much better than anything produced by any other company.  I used a slightly different camo scheme on this model, and regret it, because it just doesn't "pop" like I wanted it to.

Another Version.  This one has add-on baggage from H&R's range

Artillery, Tracked and Towed

K9 Thunder
SP 155mm gun from H&R.  One thing that deserves to be mentioned about the model is the way the barrel is produced.  It is a separate piece that  can be mounted at any angle -- something that all manufacturers should emulate.

K55 155mm SP Gun
South Korean version of the M109, from GHQ.  Unlike some older models, this one actually includes the standard on-board baggage, some thing that is to be commended.

I think it is a GHQ model but I'm not sure

Miscellaneous Vehicles

K263 Cheongoong AA Vehicle
20mm armed AA version of the KIFV from H&R

CinC M35 Trucks


CinC Model -- Photo is very washed out

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