Infantry and Full Units

Full Soviet Units

Note:  The Soviet section has been broken up into a number of subsections, because the original had gotten far too large.  
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GHQ Infantry from the Soviet Infantry and Soveit Heavy Weapons packs.  These are a real bargain, and give you a large number of interesting figures for relatively little money.  While not as scale-accurate as CinCs, they are far sturdier and more detailed.  They are also significantly ahead of H&R.

Soviet Paras
Ok, these are GHQ Soviets again, this time painted up as paras.  Although it doesn't show up well in the photos, they have khaki uniforms with a lighter camo pattern.

AT-7 on left, a pair of AGS-17 30mm AGLs on right

H&R Soviet Infantry
Really not great models.  They are the proper scale, that is to say, very small, but also very fragile.  At least 20 broke during cleaning and painting.  Castings were from Viking Forge, who in the past licensed H&R models

Command Group

30mm AGL Teams

120mm Mortar Team

Infantry With SAWs and RPGs

More Riflemen

ATGM and Machinegun Teams

Forward Observer Team
Full Soviet Units

ISM modern Soviet tank company -- composed of FSTs (Future Soviet Tanks), probably pulled from the Pentagon's various publications.  This unit came boxed together from ISM, and I picked it up off of eBay.  It includes 11 tanks, a BREM-1 recovery vehicle and (from left to right, bottom row) a GAZ-66 maintenance truck, heavy fueler, MTLB engineer version, BRDM-2, BRDM-2 chemical recon vehicle, and BTR-80 command vehicle.

T-64 Tank Regiment
Made mainly with GHQ T-64s and BMP-2s, with a scattering of models from other makers.  Minus the infantry, of course...

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