Recon And Engineering Vehicles

Reconnaissance Vehicles
Engineer Vehicles

Note:  The Soviet section has been broken up into a number of subsections, because the original had gotten far too large.  
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A note on the paint color of Soviet vehicles:  Most of these shots look less green and more brown than they appear in real life (I assume it is due to the flash, I don't really know).  However, I have not finished most of my vehicles in the black-green frequently seen on 1980's Soviet vehicles on parade.  Rather, I chose a greenish-khaki (Soviet Khaki #2, PollyScale) that seems to be a far closer match to the way Soviet vehicles actually appear in the field.  When I have used black green, I have drybrushed Soviet Khaki onto them.  I have not painted anything in the various light green shades sometimes marketed as WarPac paint, as I have yet to see decent photographic evidence that it was ever used outside of parades.

Reconnaissance Vehicles
CinC BMP-SON (BMP with Small Fred Radar)
I went heavy with the blackwash on this model.

MTLB with radar

These models are interesting -- the middle and the upper models are clearly marked GHQ on the bottom, but the gun-armed scout car has a separate turret.  The lower model is identical to the middle, except that the turret is cast as part of the hull and there are no markings on the base.  Is this an older GHQ model or a knockoff?  Let me know if you have any ideas.



These BRDM-2s (and associated SA-9) are by an unknown manufacturer in the mid-1980s (retrospectively, I believe these are ISM BRDM-2s).  They were the first Soviet vehicles I painted up and are done in Humbrol dark green.


Another version
Appears to be a later sculpt, but might be the CinC version of the type

And even more...

Engineering And Recovery Vehicles

T-55 based recovery vehicle from GHQ.  An excellent model, but only ship three to a pack (which makes them rather expensive at $10 per pack)

This version is missing the trail

Basically the same vehicle, different manufacturer.  Don't know who made it, but I suspect ISM due to the amount of baggage, but it might just as easily be Scotia.  This photo is a bit washed out, but it is actually quite a nice model.

This model is by In Service Miniatures, who are now defunct.  I got it off eBay,and several people have emailed me that it is a T-72-based ARV called the BREM-1, though others tell me it is in fact the BREM-80. 

Another version with a slightly different paint scheme and a lot of wash.

ISM MT-LB Recovery Vehicle

Another version of the same model... This one came out a bit better.

Scotia BTR-50PU

Skytrex MT-55 Bridgelayer
This may actually be from ISM

Modern version based on T-14 Armata chassis

I believe this is a Skytrex model

TMM Bridgelayer
I believe this is from Skytrex, but I'm not sure

MDK 2M Rotary Excavator
An unusual model of a Soviet entrenching vehicle from Scotia.

BT4-M Entrenching Vehicle
From Scotia

H&R Minelaying Vehicle

H&R Minelaying Vehicle

GMZ Minelayer
I believe this is the Skytrex model

Engineering Vehicle from Scotia

ISM IMR Engineering Vehicle
An odd model ... the turret can only be fitted on backwards....

ISM Mystery Vehicle
This would appear to be a T-72? based mineclearing vehicle

Gaz-66 With Towed Minelayer

Skytrex minelayer

T-62s With Minerollers
Two different CinC T-62s with minerollers

STS Mobile Crane
From Scotia

MAZ 535 Heavy Duty Tractor
H&R model

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