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Note:  The Soviet section has been broken up into a number of subsections, because the original had gotten far too large.  
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A note on the paint color of Soviet vehicles: 
Most of these shots look less green and more brown than they appear in real life (I assume it is due to the flash, I don't really know).  However, I have not finished most of my vehicles in the black-green frequently seen on 1980's Soviet vehicles on parade.  Rather, I chose a greenish-khaki (Soviet Khaki #2, PollyScale) that seems to be a far closer match to the way Soviet vehicles actually appear in the field.  When I have used black green, I have drybrushed Soviet Khaki onto them.  I have not painted anything in the various light green shades sometimes marketed as WarPac paint, as I have yet to see decent photographic evidence that it was ever used outside of parades.

In more recent years, I've begun to use Reaper's 3-paint military green set as a base for Soviet vehicles -- swamp green as base coat, military green heavily drybrushed, ochre green light drybrush, followed by detailing, washing the tracks, and generally a light final drybrush of dark khaki.

Main Battle Tanks

T-14 Armata
3D printed model from Javelin98 of the newest Russian MBT

T-14 Armata, this time a metal model by Game Craft Miniatures.  While note quite as detailed as the printed version, it is significantly less expensive and still looks quite good.

New GHQ model. I couldn't keep the little antennas straight. 

Different batch, modestly different paint scheme

The business end of a GHQ T-80BV

Another T-80BV in a different paint scheme, using black-green as a base, drybrushed with Soviet khaki (both from PollyS)

An excellent model with hammer-and-sickle on the light cover

T-80 with Reactive Armor
CinC model

GHQ T-80
This is a similar model to the above, but without the reaction armor.

Another version

Several more vehicles, painted with a dark base and then successively lightened.  Technique worked very well, but doesn't show well in this photo.

CinC T-80
This is an eBay rebuild, and probably not representative of a new model.  Machine Gun is added from the CinC pack.

A better version of CinC's T-80.  The paint job appears greener without the flash.

Yet another version...
It is extremely difficult to keep these barrels straight.

ISM T-80

ISM "IT-80"
ISM's version of the T-80BV

ISM FST (Future Soviet Tank)
These guys need to be based and have MGs added

GHQ model from 2016 of most advanced version of T-64.

Alternate Version

GHQ T-64
The paint job is washed out, so I need a better photo as this is one of my favorite models.

These are also GHQ T-64s, painted up using a 3-layer drybrushing process, part of a full (platoon-scale) regiment I put together:

And even more T-64s from GHQ...

CinC T-64BV
This is CinC's T-64 with reactive armor -- a fantastic model, might be one of their best.

Here's another version -- I've attempted to paint a tiny hammer and sickle on each light cover.

Early Attempt At T-72
I picked up this unusual model off of eBay, but couldn't identify it, other than that it was from CinC.  After contacting them, I found that it was a short-run model based on early drawings of the T-72, which later turned out to be wrong.  Overall, though, a very, very cool and unique model.

Newer Version Of GHQ T-72
A tremendous improvement on the original, and a fine model.

This is the new T-72 with the older "T-74" model

This is the new T-72 with the older T-72

GHQ T-72s
Painted using Reaper Miniature's Dark Green Three-Color System (essentially a very dark green base, a dark green drybrush and a medium green very light drybrush).  Looks ok in the photos, but remarkably good on the table.  I'm sold on the idea.

GHQ T-74
Actually a late T-72, nomenclature depends on who is naming it.  An excellent model.

Another version, with CinC HMGs

CinC T-72
These are painted with a new paint scheme using a dark green base heavily drybrushed with Russian Armour Green.  The have the relatively uncommon "gills" on the flanks.

This is the shot without the flash

Better versions of the CinC T-72 with Gill Armor

Late version of T-72

ISM T-72
At least, I think so...

Another version with reactive armor; machine guns are CinC

A more basic ISM T-72

Object 279
An experimental tank, 3D-printed from Dragoman.

CinC T-62M
Background is a tablecloth.  I will do better shots of a number of these in the future.

This is the same model taken outsite using natural light, which shows the color more accurately but doesn't really show many details.

CinC T-62A

GHQ T-62
This is GHQ's new T-62 -- a vast improvement over their previous model

This is the "A" version of GHQ's new T-62s.

GHQ T-62 (early) rehabbed from eBay and with a MicroMark star.  This shot was done without the flash and is more representative of the color the rest are pained.

This is the same model, taken outside with natural light

Another version

I suspect this model is a bit of a mess -- looks like a T-55 hull with a T-62 turret, plus a mineplow of unknow manufacturer.

2014 model from GHQ, and quite a fine one of this upgraded Warsaw Pact classic

These models are not in great shape, they are eBay rebuilds.  I believe this is the older GHQ casting.  The newer version appears below.

Two shots of the new casting (dated 1989) - a most excellent model.

T-55A (New Sculpt)


ISM Upgraded T-55
Not sure what this is actually supposed to be... but it is a cool model.

I think this is a T-55, but looking at the barrel, it might be an Israeli IT-67

Two versions from H&R, new sculpts from 2014.  A fine set of models at the price.  I'm not sure which model is which...

CinC T-10M
Follow-on to the JS series

Alternate versions...

A truly impressive model released in 2014

CinC JS-3
Post-WWII heavy tank that panicked the West...


H&R T-54
New model made by Ian Armstrong, and quite good.  Painted in a three-layer drybrush scheme, designed to look good from a distance.  A bit underwhelming at close range (that's the paint scheme, not the model...).

CinC PT-76
Quite a nice model, but really needs a strong barrel.


Another version, with an alternate baggage arrangement

GHQ T-34/85
In the modern section because there is not WWII section yet, plus it served 'til the end of the Cold War with some Warsaw Pact armies (such as Bulgaria)

Ths significantly inferior CinC version

Cinc version with Mine Roller

CinC ASU-85 light airborne assault gun

ISM T-34s
There are a number of different versions, each with different types of baggage

Scotia model of 1960s assault gun -- not sure it was ever put into full production.

Another post-WWII assault gun from Scotia

Both together...

Assorted Mine Roller Tanks, CinC and Others

T-80 Regiment

Here's a whole T-80 regiment (platoon-scale), along with several other support units and some extra BMPs (I've now filled the motor infantry out so that it can either serve as a T-80 Regiment with BMP-2s or a BMP-2 regiment with T-80s).  Models are primarily GHQ.

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