US Army Infantry And Full Units

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For 21st century models, mainly those used in Iraq and Afghanistan, please see the the US Army in the 21st Century page.

Full US Units


GHQ Infantry
GHQ's modern US heavy weapons and infantry are excellent, far better than every other manufacturers.  They are a bit large in scale, but it allows sufficient detail in the models and makes them paintable.

Infantry and Command

Forward Observer and Stinger

SAW Team

Custom Built Units
I needed 81mm Mortar and M2HB units, so I decided to build them from GHQ modern US heavy weapons teams.  The HMG team came out great, and uses the CinC M2HB.  However, the mortar, made with a length of plastic, was not a success.  Still, they'll suffice.

GHQ Vietnam-Era Infantry
I'm using these models to represent US Army National Guard infantry
The two Vietnam-era infantry packs are are in some ways better than their modern US counter parts -- there is a wider variety of poses in the infantry packs, and a good selection of weapons in the heavy weapons pack -- 81mm & 107mm mortars, 90mm RR gunners, M60 gunners, infantry with shotguns (might be 40mm grenade launchers?), mortar crew, commanders, radio men, etc.  More to follow.

Rifle Platoon

Command Team

81mm Mortar and Crew

Heavy Machinegun Team

4.2" Mortar Team

Main Force Miniatures Infantry
Lumpy stands, but useable.  Organized as a light infantry battalion (platoon-scale)

Dragon Team, though it is tough to tell

Stinger Team

Machine Gun Team

Full US Units

US National Guard ROAD Infantry Battalion
Common organization in 1960s-1970s for regular army, survived in some National Guard units into the late 1980s.
3 Infantry companies, each with 3 platoons and a weapons stand in front, along with a command stand and a FO stand.  In back are a pair of AT vehicles (in this case, Jeeps w/106mm recoilless rifles).  Also, a Redeye stands, a heavy weapons stand, and a 4.2" mortar stand.

US National Guard ROAD Infantry Brigade
3 Battalions, plus engineer company, MP company, 155mm Howitzer battalion, along with Jeeps for command stands.

ISM FAV Company

M60 and M1 Battalions, along with AVLBs

National Guard Mech Brigade

M113 Battalion

M60A1 Battalion

ISM M1E1 Company Pack
Labels says it includes 14 M1E1, but only 13 in box, but extra support vehicles

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