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For 21st century models, mainly those used in Iraq and Afghanistan, please see the the US Army in the 21st Century page.
Main Battle Tanks

GHQ M1A1 Abrams
These don't have any M2 HMGs on them; eventually, I am going to order a pack from CinC and add them, but it is pretty low on the priority list.  They will probably also get I94 Enterprises Chevron decals at that point.

GHQ M1A1s with GHQ NATO chevron decals.  These really do add to the appearance of the vehicle, and are very easy to use.

This is GHQ's M1A1 with the machine guns that come with the kit mounted.  I generally don't mount them, because they are extremely difficult to keep attached, particularly the loader's 7.62mm machine gun.  

GHQ M1A1 With Mine Plow
Standard GHQ model, with their excellent mine plow.  It attaches very easily to the bottom of the model.

CinC M1A1
I don't know how much I don't already have this model on here, as I have about 75...

From an unknown UK manufacturer, though not a bad model. 

An early take on the M1A1 based on preliminary designs

GHQ M1 Abrams
M1 In Official Post-1987 Three-Tone Scheme
I attempted to paint up these early GHQ M1s using the "official" 1987-onwards M1 3-tone camo scheme.  I found it very difficult to maintain a consistent, identical pattern from vehicle to vehicle.  Heavy machine guns are the ubiquitous CinC M2HBs.

US M1s in MERDC Euro Spring/Summer
This is the CinC version of the M1 slick.  The black and armor sand are supposed to be only 5% of the total painted area each, but they don't make much impact at that level.

GHQ M1A1s in a similar scheme.  Actually, I think the GHQ model represents the M1E1 (which has different style ammo blowout hatches)

Here is a group of CinC M1 slicks -- the paint job looks really effective at a distance.

Alternate CinC M1 Paint Job
This is an eBay rehab job, using slightly different paint colors, doesn't look great up close, but nice on the table.

Yet another version of CinC's M1 slick

And finally, a 4th version...

In Service Miniatures model with baggage and camo netting.  Actually a neat model, which the photos do not do justice to -- it looks quite distinctive on the table.

CinC models, part of a new battalion I've painted up and mounted on Wargames Accessories bases

H&R M1 Abrams
This is the circa 2014 model with the original hull and a redone turret, a significant improvement.  The add-on baggage is also from H&R, and really ads to the model.


Unknown manufacturer.  A really terrible model, probably at least dating back to 1979 and based on a prototype.

Same model, different paint scheme

CinC XM-1

A rather rare model, now out of production.  CinC's version of the original Chrysler XM-1 prototype.  Painted in one of the numerous early schemes used on the M1.

Leopard IIAV
The Austere Version of the Leo II, the German entry into the US MBT contest in the wake of the collapse of the MBT-70 program. A CinC model.

Cancelled "High-Tech" MBT, a joint program between the US and West Germany.  The model is a 3-D printed version from Masters of Military via Shapeways.  Model courtesy of Fred Oliver.

Hypothetical model from ISM, with a variety of different baggage arrangements on the turrets.


This is GHQ's M60A3 in US MERDC Euro/North American summer camo.  This picture doesn't really do it justice, and I will add a better one when I reclaim my workshop from the builders working on my basement.

GHQ M60A2s
This is the new GHQ model released at the end of 2017 -- it is a significant improvement.  However, a significant complaint is that the hull came with a fair bit of flash on the wheels, so tiny that I didn't even notice it until looking at the photos.

These are older models and required a fail bit of work to rebuild after purchasing them form eBay.  They are painted in MERDC Euro Fall pattern.

Other versions, older molders rebuilt from eBay

And even more... these a bit beat up

GHQ M60A1s

These are the old M60 castings from GHQ.  They are cruder than the newer, but still decent.  I got this off eBay, but they had no guns.  I built the guns using three sections of plastic rod.  It is probably too thick, but looks good.  Given how these models looked when I got them, I am pleased with how they turned out.  I have finished 13 and have about 40 more to go (including 20 M60A2s)

CinC M60A3s
These are some of my favorite models.  CinC did a great job with them.

A far better paint job...

CinC M60A1

CinC M48 hull with CinC M60A3 turret

Assorted M60A3s
Primarily GHQ

This one has an ACAV turret inserted in the commander's cupola.  I believe it is a CinC model.

CinC M48A4
Painted up in generic NATO colors.  Not entirely sure who actually used them outside of Israel.

CinC M48A5

GHQ M103A2
GHQ 2016 model, and really quite impressive

Early Cold War MBT, successor to the M26

New H&R Model

M551 Sheridan
CinC on the left, GHQ on the right
I went a little bit heavy with the black wash on the GHQ model.
This is one of the cases where the GHQ model is definitely superior to the CinC version.

GHQ Sheridan (Later Production)
This is the GHQ model with the updated commander's station.

Older GHQ Models

This one is from a UK manufacturer, and appears to be about 1/350

T-71 76mm Gun Tank
Prototype US recon vehicle, model by Masters of Military

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