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For 21st century models, mainly those used in Iraq and Afghanistan, please see the the US Army in the 21st Century page.

Miscellaneous Vehicles
Light Vehicles

Miscellaneous Vehicles

AN/MLQ-34 Tactical Jammer
This is a custom built model using a CinC M548 as a base.  I actually built two, each with slightly different rails for around the body.

GHQ M88 Hercules Armored Recovery Vehicle
A nice model by GHQ, particularly like the tracks on the hull. 
Part of buying off of eBay is that you often end up with some models in unusual numbers.  I have about 25 US recovery vehicles of various types.

Another GHQ model with a different (better but you wouldn't know it from photo) paint scheme

and another version from a UK manufacturer

CinC M578
Tthere is not a great different between the GHQ and CinC versions.

GHQ M578
Painted in MERDC Euro Spring

More of the same, these in NATO tri-color

Another verion, this one from CinC

GHQ M735

ISM Wrecker

GHQ M577
The ubiquitous M577 command vehicle, seen here with nylon paint brush antennaes.  There is an older GHQ model out there from the seventies that is far cruder (and out of scale).

Add-on baggage is from H&R

CinC M577s
Similar in quality to the GHQ example.

ISM M577
This is one of the best ISM models I have seen so far -- the base model looks to be "borrowed" from GHQ, and the add-on baggage, tarps and jerry cans are very effective.  I might go as far as rating this the best M577 out there.  Looks great on the table top, although like most of my photos, these are too washed out to really show that.

Another version...

Mech Battalion Command Group

CinC M901 and GHQ M548
Two CinC tank destroyers and a GHQ armoured transport.

GHQ M901
Painted in MERDC Euro Spring

Another version of the same, better painted

This is from a UK manufacturer, I believe Skytrex

Another version, I believe H&R

Older SP TOW from CinC.  Not the best model -- really just a base M113 with a hole drilled for the TOW launcher.  A better version would include the later kevlar tent that was common.  I suppose this could be an M113 with the 106mm RR.

I believe this is the Skytrex version

GHQ Scorpion Self Propelled 90mm Gun

Tracked supply vehicle from Scotia (I think)

This version is from Skytrex

Modern heavy truck.  Model comes in three parts, which greatly adds to its detail level.

Another excellent model, although this shot is a bit washed out.

Not bad, but not great -- serviceable is probably the best word.

ISM HEMTT with Cargo

Medium Trucks
M35 6X6 Trucks -- GHQ, H&R (I believe), CinC
The CinC models is best of the lot, with a removable cargo bay cover and multi-piece chassis.

Assorted GHQ M35s

CinC Version  of the ubiquitous M35A2

and more of them:

This is GHQ's version

ISM Medium Truck With Cargo
A decent model from ISM, I believe it is supposed to be an M-35.  While I like the cargo in the bed, the quality of the casting is not great.

Another version

M927 5-Ton Truck
Common vehicle from Masters of Military

M923 5-Ton Truck
Another version of this common vehicle from Masters of Military

GOER Trucks
1960s era US heavy truck.  I believe these are Skytrex models.

GHQ Gamma Goat
For some reason, I have about 60 of these things...

Yet more Gamma Goats

This is the 3D-printed version from Bill's Models

M109 Shop Van
CinC model

ISM US M35 Van Back Comm Vehicle?

ISM Semi Trailer
Painted up to look like an Ikea truck, an idea I got from somewhere else on the web (don't remember where)

M932 Semi-Trailer
Nice model from Masters of Military

M911 C-HET
3D-printed from Masters of Military, really quite an impressive model

Scotia GMC Trucks -- cargo and radio versions

Chevy Trucks Of Various Types
M1008 and M1009 models, not sure which is which to be honest.  Models by Masters of Military from Shapeways.  And, yes, I know I failed to paint the wheels...

M929 Dump Truck
Masters of Military model

LARC-5 Amphibious Truck
A fine H&R model

M656 Truck
3D printed from Bill's Models; not the best material, but an interesting and unusual model

HMMWVs, Jeeps & FAVs

GHQ models

GHQ S250

ISM Hellfire Hummer
This is a speculative vehicle put out by In Service Miniatures -- it appears to mount a pair of Hellfire heavy ATGMs on a pedestal on top of a HMMWV.  Kind of a neat little model.

CinC HMMWV-TOW with one by Skytrex (I think)


Skytrex HMMWV Fire Support Vehicle
Not 100% clear what weapon that is supposed to be...

Command variant -- and yes, I failed to paint the antennae...

CinC Ambulance
Another fantastic entry from CinC -- unfortunately, my ability to paint a red cross is apparently rather limited.  It should have been easy; the model has the design scribed on the side.

H&R Cargo Variant

Some kind of HMMWV Hard Back

A variety of Hummers from various manufacturers, many ISM and UK

Jeep with 106mm Recoilless Rifle
Manufacturer unkown

GHQ M151 Jeeps
These are new (2007?) models, and come 7 to a pack.  Excellent models -- this is the TOW version.

CinC Jeeps With TOW


ISM FAV w/40mm Mk19 AGL


Scotia (?) FAVs

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