WWII German Army In Europe
Self Propelled Guns
Anti-Aircraft Guns
Recon And Soft Skin Vehicles
Armored Personnel Carriers


Panzer IA
Early Panzer I, from Masters of Military.  I realize it is missing its machine guns, but I lacked the skills to put such small piece of brass wire in place.

Panzer IC
CinC Model

Command Version

BefehlsPanzer I

H&R version of the early war command tank

Panzer IF (VK1801)
Late war heavily-armored version of the Panzer I, from Masters of Military

Panzer IIC
Early war light tank from CinC

Panzer IID
A short-run production model from Masters of Military.  I attempted to paint this up showing worn paint revealing the Dunkelgrau base coat.

Panzer IIIE
Early version of very early PzIII production

Panzer IIIF

Early war medium tank from GHQ.  I realize now that I failed to actually finish weathering the tracks.

Panzer IIIJ
GHQ Model

Panzer IIIN

At least I think it is ... GHQ model.

Panzer 38T
CinC's version of the adopted Czech tank

Panzer IVD
CinC model

Very early GHQ model of PzIVD

Panzer IVH 
GHQ model, a bit rough, as it is an eBay rehab job.

Panzer IVJ
CinC model of final version of venerable Pz IV.

Panzer III/IV Enheitsfahrgestell

Prototype tank from Masters of Military

Panzer V Panther G with Side Skirts
2015 model from GHQ

Panzer V Panther
CinC Models

Panzer V Panther
GHQ Model

Panzer VI Tiger I
CinC Models

GHQ Models

Panzer VIB Tiger II
CinC Model, of two different types.

GHQ Models

ISM Model
Smaller than its CinC, GHQ Counterparts and lacks the usual on-board baggage

German late war proposed super tank; GHQ model

Proposed German tank from Masters of Military

Panzer VII

Speculative German vehicle from Masters of Mayhem

Hungarian Turan
I believe this is an H&R model, and I realize it isn't German, but I don't have a separate page for Axis minor allies yet.

Self-Propelled Guns

CinC Version

GHQ Versions

And the whole gang together

Jagdpanther II
A Masters of Military 3D-printed model of proposed late-war tank destroyer

GHQ model, an eBay rebuild

GHQ model in sub-par paint job.  Looks much better at a distance...

GHQ version with side skirts

CinC version with Saukopf mantlet

A comparison of the two versions...

ISM Version


Proposed late-war miniature tank destroyer.  Model is from Masters of Military.

JagdPanzer I
Early war German tank destroyer, mounting Czech 47mm gun.  A fine model from CinC.

Marder II
GHQ Model

This is the older cast of the same vehicle from GHQ

Marder II (76,2cm(R))
Early version of the Marder mounting a captured Russian gun, from Masters of Military

PzJag 38T
GHQ model

Pak 40 SP 39hf
GHQ model of self-propelled 75mm AT gun on captured French chassis

PzJgr 38(T)H Marder III
GHQ Model

JagdPanzer IVL/70
GHQ Model

JagdPanzer IVL70 (E)
New version of the vehicle based on the Panzer III/IV chassis being developed at the end of the war.  Models is from Masters of Military.

PanzerJaeger IV Nashorn
ISM Model

Another version

I believe that this model is by Pewtercraft, though I just don't know.  Of course, it could also be a Hummel -- I'm just not sure.

PanzerJaeger VI Elephant
CinC Model

PanzerJaeger 38(t)M
GHQ model of the self-propelled gun

Late war tank destroyer, CinC model

SdKfz 8 With 8.8cm Flak
A 3D printed model from Masters of Military via Shapeways

Hotchkiss with 75mm AT
Model from an unknown manufacturer, likely Pewtercraft.  Originally, the barrels were twice as long; I trimmed them down.

Lorraine with 76mm Soviet Gun
I have no idea who manufactured this, nor can I find any record of it being an actual vehicle...  any information would be appreciated.

GHQ version of the massive urban assault vehicle

SPG Bars
Speculative German late-war self-propelled gun from Masters of Military

Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager 88mm

from Masters of Military

E-100 Krokodil

German proposed self-propelled gun from Masters of Military


Bison 38(t)
150mm self-propelled gun on a Czech Panzer 38(t) chassis, from GHQ

More versions

SturmPanzer II "Bison"
150mm gun on Panzer II chassis, from Masters of Military

7.5cm Infantry Gun
CinC model with pre-formed base and crew.  Need to do a bit of touch-up painting...

88mm PAK
GHQ model, crew

Finished Version

5cm AT Gun
CinC model with pre-formed base in several paint schemes

SdKfz 7 Prime Mover
From the now-defunct PewterCraft

Somua S307 Vierlachwerfer
French halftrack with multiple rocket launcher.  Model is from H&R.

Anti-Aircraft Guns

Pz IV 37mm Self-Propelled gun

CinC model.  It was very difficult to assemble the turret, as the guns are tiny and delicate, and bend easily.

Flakpanther 8.8cm
Proposed late-war vehicle from Masters of Military

SdKfz 7/02
GHQ model of self-propelled 37mm gun

SdKfz 10/1
20mm Self-Propelled Gun from GHQ

This may be the 37mm armed version

SdKfz 251/21 Drilling
CinC Models

20mm Flak
I don't know if this is GHQ or CinC

Deployed Version

88mm Flak
CinC model.  Need to get crewmen for them.

GHQ Version

PewterCraft 8.8cm Gun

128mm Flak 40 Zwilling

A very rare and interesting model.  I believe it is originally from Leva Productions, now sold by Legions IV Hire in Canada.  The second vehicle is the related Culemeyer 80ton trailer.

Early War Armored Column


GHQ German Infantry And Heavy Weapons

Infantry Stands

Command, Recon and Forward Observer Stands

Medium Machinegun Teams

Light Mortar Team

Pioneer Assault Boats
I believe these are H&R models, and yes, I know they would look better on a watery base...

Recon, Soft Skin, And Various Vehicles


Rebuilt GHQ model

SdKfz 222
CinC Model

SdKfz 250/9
ISM Version

SdKfz 231
CinC model of the early-war heavy armored car

SdKfz 234/3 Puma

GHQ Model

SdKfz 263
H&R command/radio version of common scout car

VK 16.02 Leopard
Prototype vehicle, suspension based on the Panther and turret from the Puma.  Masters of Military model.

Panzer III Recovery Vehicle
H&R Model

H&R model

H&R model

FAMO F3 with Crane
H&R model

FAMO F3 with Spade

H&R Model

Panzer IV Bridgelayer
H&R model

Unic P107
Captured French halftrack in German service.  Model is from H&R.

Saurer RR7 (SdKfz 254)
An Austrian wheel-and-track vehicle adopted by the German military after annexation.  Its a 3D printed model, I believe from Dragoman.

SWS 42
Halftracked supply vehicle from Skytrex

Assorted GHQ Light Vehicles

Opel Blitz
H&R, I believe

Old GHQ model of Opel Blitz

Opel Blitz
GHQ model, I believe, a newer version

Mercedes G3A
H&R model -- recent release and really quite good

Ford Trucks With Cargo
ISM Models

Krupp Protze
Unknown maker, could be CinC

KfZ 17
Light Radio Truck

DB4500 4 1/2 ton Maultier
CinC model of heavy half-tracked truck

Wehrmacht Einheitsanhanger Wagon
Shapeways model from Masters of Military

Mercedes 170VK Open Top
Staff car model from Masters of Military

Opel Blitz Bus
GHQ Model

Armored Personnel Carriers And Miscellaneous

SdKfz 251/1
eBay Rebuilds

SdKfz 251/1
Pewtercraft version, with a crew.  Pretty crude, and I did a rotten job painting it up, but still an interesting model.

SdKfz 251/8 Mortar Carrier

SdKfz 251/9
Pewtercraft model, not cast very well

SdKfz 251/22
Pewtercraft model, really quite good

SdKfz 251 Ambulance
An interesting ISM model.  It was purchased from eBay with decals already on it.  I repainted it, but worked around the decals.

SdKfz 251 (ISM Version)
Truthfully, I can't tell if this is the standard personnel carrier or the 37mm armed version.

SdKfz 251C/2
I believe this is an ISM model, but it could be Pewtercraft

SdKfz 251C/9
Self-propelled gun from GHQ

SdKfz 251 Stuka Zu Fuss
Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher from CinC

SdKfz 252
Masters of Military model

Leichter Beobachtungs SdKfz 253

Communications vehicle from Masters of Military

FlammPanzer II "Flamingo"
Panzer II flame-thrower version, from Masters of Military

Panzer IA Munitions Carrier
From Masters of Military

Panzer IA Bridgelayer
From Masters of Military

Goliath Remote-Controlled Demolition Vehicle
GHQ Model


A fine model of the earlier Stuka from CinC.  Bit difficult to get the wings to attach properly, though.

Late war tank-buster version.  Another fine model from CinC.

GHQ model

HS-123 w/75mm Pak
Ground attack aircraft from ISM

Another Version...

Early war German bomber from Raiden Miniatures

Raiden model from I-94 Enterprises.  Not their best model, but decent enough.

Raiden Miniatures in two different paint schemes.

The Yujin plastic version of the ME-109

GHQ version of the ME-109

ISM ME-109G-1a

From Raiden Miniatures

Focke-Wolfe 190A8
ISM model

GHQ mode

ME-163 Komet
Late-war rocket-powered aircraft

ISM model, with a random collection of decals.  Really a pretty good model, though I have difficulty getting yellow to look good.

DFS Glider

Not actually a desert war model, but there you go.  An excellent piece from Armstrong Models.  Decals from I-94 Enterprises.

ISM Version of the DFS Glider

Gotha Glider
From ISM

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