WWII Imperial Japanese Army
Soft Skin Vehicles


Japanese Type 95 Light Tank from GHQ
These shots are too washed out, but the paint job and weathering on these models is some of my best work.

Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha from GHQ

Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha
CinC model of upgraded Chi-Ha

Type 89
Early war medium tank from GHQ

Type 97 Te-Ke
A tankette model from CinC

A shot to give an idea of the size of the model

Type 2 Ka-Mi
Amphibious tank, with and without floats, from an unknown maker.  I attempted to paint rising sun flags on them to make a bad model better, but it didn't really work.

Ho-Ni Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun
Late war tank destroyer from Scotia.  A bit of a rough model.

Ho-Ro Self-Propelled Howitzer
Another model from Scotia, a late-war, limited-production fire support vehicle.  I should have painted the end of the barrel dark grey...

Sumida Armored Car
from Masters of Military

Type 4 Ka-Tsu
Originally designed as an amphibious transport, the Japanese attempted to alter it as a torpedo-carrying assault craft, to be launched from submarines to assault US ships at anchorage.  An excellent, and large, model from Masters of Military.


Japanese 75mm Regimental Gun from GHQ

Japanese 70mm Battalion Gun from GHQ
This is a tiny little model and I had difficulty picking out the details.


Japanese Infantry Command and "Knee Mortar" Team
(All infantry models are GHQ)

Japanese Medium Machine Guns

Japanese Command and Scouts

Japanese 8cm Mortar Team

Soft Skin Vehicles

Type 94 Truck
This is GHQ's medium truck


Ki-48 "Lily"
Skyraider/Skywarrior model, decals from I-94 Enterprises.  Not much detail on the model.

Several other version of the same model in some of the wide variety of paint schemes the aircraft appeared in.

G4M "Betty"
Japanese medium bomber from Skyraider/Skywarrior.  Again, not a lot of detail, and a lot of filling was required to hid joints.  I used plain old lightweight wall spackle.

This is the ISM version of the "Betty" -- and it is vastly superior (but nothing like as good as the GHQ model released in late 2012).  The machine guns are brass wire.

Yokosuak P1Y "Frances"
An interesting model of a rare Japanese heavy bomber from ISM.

Kawanishi N1-K Shiden-Kai "George"
A plastic 1/300 kit from Nichimo, quite a good model with excellent decals.

This is the Yuijin 1/300 scale version

This is the seaplane version of the "George," codenamed the "Rex."  It was, in fact, one of the most frustrating models to build, for whatever reason.  It is also by Nichimo.  The dcals are from the kit.

Mitsubishi Type 0 Seaplane "Pete"
Another excellent model from Nichimo

Aichi E13A "Jake"
Another seaplane, this version from Nichimo -- a fine kit.  The decals are from the kit.

Type 97 Nakajima B5N "Kate"
Japanese carrier bomber from a chinese manufacturer, Yuijin, in plastic.  I-94 decals.

Ki-30 "Ann"
An interesting model from Shapeways.  This one is in White, Strong & Flexible, but could really have used the polishing they now offer (the sides of the fuselage are more than a little rough, though the upper surfaces are fine)

A6M5 Zero
This is the Yuijin plastic model of this famous aircraft, and it is quite good.

Ki-61 Hien "Tony"
Plastic model from Yujin.  Looks way better at a distance...

Ki-61 Hien, Unknown Maker
With fixed landing gear

Nakajima Ki-44
Manufacturer unknown, again with fixed landing gear

J1N1 Gekkou "Irving"
Yuijin's 1/300 plastic kit

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