WWII Polish Army

Soft Skin Vehicles


Polish medium tank, CinC model.  Paint job is the post-1936 version, though I don't know how accurate it is, since there are not a lot of realiable color pictures.

Same model in the 1936 version of the camo pattern

This is the GHQ version, which has more pronounced detail but is not notably better

I used a lot of brown ink on the tracks, which really shows up in this photo.

Polish medium tank, GHQ model.  Same comments apply to paint job as above

... and more of them, using different paint colors.

Polish light tank, GHQ model

More of the same, using tan as a base rather than green

H&R Version

WZ-29 Armored Car
In only lmited service at start of World War II, model is from GHQ

WZ-34 Armored Car
More common in Polish Army in 1939.  An excellent model from GHQ, though I failed to paint the end of the barrel on the 37mm gun on one of them.


75mm Gun
French M1897, I believe from Scotia

The GHQ version of the "French 75"

105MM Gun
Schneider 105mm gun, I believe from Scotia

105mm Field Gun
An excellent model from GHQ.  Crew is from H&R.

The same model with the C4P prime mover

37mm Bofors AT Gun
A fine model from GHQ, crews are French figures (IIRC) from H&R.  Wall is from CinC.

This is the same model with the Pzlnz302 prime mover


GHQ Infantry

GHQ Heavy Machine Gun

Anti-Tank Rifle

Command Group

Scotia Cavalry

Soft Skin Vehicles

Polski Fiat 508/111w Lazik Staff Car
Scotia Model

Ursus 75mm AA Gun
French 75mm gun (I think) on self-propelled AA mount from H&R

Ursus TK Transporter
H&R's Ursus truck desinged to haul TK-series tankettes to the battelfield.

C2P Prime Mover

TK chassis uses to tow artillery, from H&R

C4P Prme Mover

Half track prime mover from H&R

C7P Prime Mover
7TP tank chassis uses as an artillery prime mover, from H&R


Polish fighter from H&R

LWZ-3 Mewa
Army cooperation from H&R

Pzl Los Light Bomber
From H&R

Pzl Sum Heavy Fighter
Rounding out the H&R Polish fighter collection.  I used paint pens to do the cockpit lines.

A shapeways model from Dragoman's Deport.  A fine design, but still has texture issues when done in White Detail.  Not a common aircraft at the start of the war, but some still served as recon and liason aircraft instead of as fighters, in which role they were quite obsolete.

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