WWII Soviet Military
Soft Skin Vehicles


A great model from CinC

An absolutely astounding model from GHQ -- one of my all-time favorites


Another fine model from GHQ.  The model towards the back received an umber ink wash, giving it a very different appearance.

H&R model.  Note that all of the H&R models here are older models, cast by a 3rd party firm (Umbria), so likely not particularly representative of the current production.

CinC model of the early war beast

This is the older GHQ model, and not a particualary good one...

H&R Model

ISM model -- essentially a swiped GHQ KV hull mated with a GHQ JS-2 turret.  At least I think so ... it is always possible that this was someone else's after-market work.

Here's the GHQ KV with the ISM KV-85...

And the GHQ JS-2 with the ISM model.

This is an ancient GHQ version of the same vehicle

This is the same vehicle with GHQ tank riders

Late war Soviet heavy tank

This is the older GHQ model of the same vehicle

Early war light tank

CinC early-war fast tank

GHQ model, but I'm not sure which model of the tank these represent, though I believe it to be an earlier model.

Various GHQ T-34s
Appear to be later models

CinC T-34s
Simpler than the GHQ models

ISM T-34/76

Late T-34

ISM Model, May Be Their Version Of The OT-34 Flamethrower Vehicle

Light tank, a 3D printed model from Masters of Military

Light tanks

T-70 Light Tank
H&R Model

Self Propelled Artillery And Assault Guns

Mid-war self propelled infantry support gun

A fine model from CinC.  The white bits on the side of the first are supposed to be a decaled slogan, but it did not come out well.

More shots of the same models, with somewhat different paint schemes.  Decals are from GHQ.  These are eBay rebuilds, so have more coats of paint than are desirable.

A fine model from GHQ

ISU-152 Object 704
A very cool 3D-printed model from Masters of Military of an alternate version of the ISU-152.


Common WWII (and post-war) MRL

2016 GHQ model

H&R model of self-propelled anti-aircraft gun

Towed Artillery And AA Guns

GHQ 122mm Field Gun

152mm GHQ Field Gun

45mm GHQ AT Gun

76mm "Crash Boom" From GHQ

76mm Infantry Gun from GHQ

M1939 37mm AA Gun
A common anti-aircraft gun from GHQ with a Gaz prime mover


Heavy Weapons
Various items from GHQ's Soviet Heavy Weapons pack.  Not great models, but the best they have to offer (except the new 120s)

82mm Mortar Team

120mm Mortar Team

HMG Team

All Three Together

Soviet Infantry
A believe these are H&R models, but I'm not sure.  I changed my ways a bit and mounted them on washers.  I wanted to get the mass of infantry feel that comes along with most stories about Soviet advances.

With GHQ Maxim Team

Soft Skin Vehicles And Other Miscellany

White Scout Car
Lend-Lease vehicle from ISM, a common scouting vehicle throughout Soviet mechanized units.  Good that it has figures, but way, way too blobby.

CinC Version Of The White Scout Car

A much better vehicle, but lacks a crew

T-34 ARV
A pretty good model from ISM

ZiS Trucks
From GHQ

Another version

Stalinetz Tractor
Prime Mover from GHQ

ZiS 42 Half Tracked Prime Mover
From GHQ

Austin-Putilov Armoured Car
WWI-Russian Revolution Armored Car, 3D-printed


GHQ's Excellent P-39
Decals are, I think, GHQ, but might be I-94

IL2 Sturmovik

A fine model from CinC, fairly easy to assemble and extraordinarily detailed.

IL-2M Sturmovik
GHQ Model

CinC Model

A model from another, unknown manufacturer

Lavochkin La-5FN
Raiden model from I-94

Lavochkin La-7
Manufacturer unknown

A pretty poor model from Skywarrior, with almost no details and poor shaping.  Decals from I-94.

Tupolev TU-2
H&R Model

H&R Model

Ilyushin IL-4
H&R Model


H&R Model

Yermalov YER-2
H&R Model

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