WWII Britain In Continental Europe
Soft Skin Vehicles


GHQ model of early war cruiser

Medium Mark II*
Inter-war model, 3D printed from Shapeways, design by MojoBob

Matilda I
Early war infantry tank, from H&R and Armstrong

Matilda II

GHQ models, using alternatively paint choices.  I'm not entirely sure I am happy with it.

Old and New GHQ Models
The blobs on them are meant to be the gas detection paint sections

These are re-painted models I bought off of eBay, so not necessarily the best examples of the model.  Add-on gear comes from a variety of sources.

CinC Firefly

Another version...

M4A3 Sherman
Amphibmods model

CinC Cromwell

Stevens International Version... (which I believe is Skytrex)

CinC Comet
A fine model of a late-war tank

A mix of GHQ and CinC Models

The H&R version, which is actually quite good.  Decals are from GHQ.

And here is a whole slew of them...

H&R Challenger
The WWII ad hoc version, mating a massive 17lber armed turret with a modified Cromwell hull.

Valentine Mk IX
Late Valentine with 75mm gun.  CinC model.

Valentine Mk XI
H&R model

Churchill Mk I
Very early Churchill model from CinC.  I can't seem to keep the 3" gun straight, however...

Churchill Mk II
A fine model of the early Churchill from CinC

GHQ Churchill
Older model, don't know the Mark.  Turret markings are from GHQ.

Churchill AVRE
3D-printed model from Masters of Military

This is the GHQ Version

Centurion Mk I
Excellent new model from H&R

Sherman Crab
A decent model from ISM

Sherman DD
Amphidmods model, the deployed screens version is particularly good

Centaur Dozer
An unusual model from ISM


Archer SPG
A fine model of the unusual 17lber armed self-propelled gun from CinC

GHQ Achilles 17lber SPATG

6lber with Lloyd Carrier
This is the new (2017 or so) GHQ model.  While both the gun and the carrier are fine models, for the price, I am a bit surprised that the pack didn't include any gun crews.

Early anti-aircraft vehicle from now-defunct Pewtercraft.  Not a bad model, and fairly unique.

Humber AA
GHQ Model

Infantry And Infantry Support Vehicles

ISM Bren Carrier

A neeat little model, mainly because of the crew figures

T16 Scout
GHQ model, complete with crew

Lloyd Carrier
GHQ model -- it is good to see them including crew figures (if only I could paint them better...)

Canadian Windsor Carrier
3D-printed model from Masters of Military
Obviously, there is some kind of bleed-through from the 3D printing process

Medium Dragon Mark IV

Fine new model from H&R, designed by Ian Armstrong

Light Dragon MkIII
Another fine model from H&R and Armstrong

Manufacturer unknown, but this may actually be a Stalinetz tractor.  I assumed it was the amphimods model, but then I painted up that actual model.

Amphimods Tractor
I managed to break off several exhaust stacks

Daimler Dingo
(I believe...)

Humber LRC
GHQ Model

Coventry Armoured Car
A Shapeways 3-D printed model.  I had to add the barrel myself, and it is longer than it should be. This vehicle was produced during World War II, but arrived too late to see action.  I had previously mis-identified it as a Daimler Armour Car.

Staghound Mk III
GHQ model from 2015 of the late war armoured car

M9 And M9A1 Halftracks
GHQ models, not a good paint job (they have since been repainted)

Self-Propelled Bofors 40mm
GHQ model, circa 2017

Soft Skin Vehicles

Bedford QLT
Excellent model from GHQ.  Decal is from I-94 (I think...)

Bedford QLD
GHQ Model

Bedford QLR
GHQ Model

Collection Of QL Bedford Trucks

CMP 3-Ton
GHQ Model

Thornycroft 4x6
GHQ Model

GS Retriever
Newer model from H&R and Armstrong

CMP 30cwt
GHQ model of Canadian-produced truck

Bedford 3-Ton Truck
CinC model -- should have cleaned up the bed covers a bit better

Monty's Caravan
H&R Model -- comes with a tiny Monty figure (which I have yet to paint)

Bedford Tanker
CinC Model; at least I think it is

Tank Transporter from H&R and Armstrong

A model from Ian Starling, currently for sale under the Amphibmods brand


Spitfire I
An excellent model from Raiden Miniatures

This is the Yujin plastic model

ISM Spitfire

Hurricane I
Another good model from Raiden Miniatures

Baufighter Mk I
Maker unknown, may be ISM

Maker unknown, may be ISM

Don't recall the manufacturer, but decals are from I-94.

Fairey Barracuda
Late war Naval Air Arm bomber from Skywarrior/Skyraider.  Decals are from I-94 Enterprises.

Hawker Tempest
Late war fighter/bomber from Skywarrior/Skyraider (I think... might be Skytrex)

Another Version

Hawker Sea Fury
From Skyraider models

Fairey Albacore
I believe this is an H&R model (it was new when I built it, but I have to check).  Decals from I-94.

The ubiquitous army cooperation and special operations aircraft, from ISM

I believe that this is the ISM model

Lancaster Damn Buster
From Raiden Miniatures, now owned by I-94 Enterprises, though I can't currently find it in their catalogue.  Overall, a fine model with very good detail.

AVRO Lancaster
Manufacturer unknown, but this is a rough model.  It could very well be Skytrex.

Another model, different manufacturer

Handley Page Halifax
Manufacturer unknown, likely Skytrex

Vickers Wellington
Manufacturer Unkown, likely Skytrex

Handley Page Hampden
Manufacturer unknown, likely Skytrex

Horsa Glider
ISM model, not as good as the newer GHQ model but fairly acceptable.  This one is missing one of the front wheels.

Horsa Glider
This is the Amphibmods version, and is quite good

Hamilcar Glider
Amphibmods version of this giant

Hadrian Glider
This is the Amphidmods version of the glider, also known as the Waco in US service

Hawker Osprey
A Shapeways model

Hawker Demon
A shapeways model.  At least, I think it is a Demon...

Hawker Hind
Shapeways model of a training aircraft

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