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Soft Skin Vehicles
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M1 Combat Car
Masters of Military via Shapeways.  You have to add your own turret MGs.

M2 Combat Car

Masters of Military via Shapeways.  I didn't bother putting a .30 cal on the AA mount; I lack the skills and was happy just to have added the barrels for the turret MGs.

M2A2 Combat Car

Masters of Military via Shapeways

M2A3 Combat Car
Masters of Military via Shapeways

Shapeways model of pre-war US light tank

Early GHQ M3
Might actually be the UK "Honey" version, but not current production either way

Another GHQ model, using Reaper Miniatures 3-paint shading system

Another Version

M3A3 Stuart
A 2014-15 GHQ model of later version of Stuart.  I messed up the wash; there was some sediment in it apparently (the white stuff)

M5 Stuart

Early version of the M5 from CinC

Marmon-Herrington CTL Light Tank
Originally ordered by the Dutch for service in the Netherlands East Indies, a few saw service with the US early in the war.  A 3D-printed model from Masters of Military.  This is a really, really small model.

M24 Chaffee
GHQ Model

CinC Version -- probably more to scale, but doesn't look as good as the GHQ version

ISM Version
A very cool model, well done with lots of baggage.  Really gives the model character.

M2A1 Medium
A 3D-printed model from Masters of Military of the early US medium tank. I realize now that this item suffered from some inadvertent spray. (Later note:  turns out this is a common problem with Shapeways models if they are not primed well enough)

M3 Lee
GHQ Models, GHQ decals

M4A3 Sherman
GHQ Model

GHQ M4A3/75mm models with slightly different paint jobs

M4A3 Sherman
This is the new version, released in late 2017/early 2018

M4 Shermans
CinC model sold under the rubric M4M34

CinC M4, not sure which one (M4A2?)

CinC model, quite nice

M4A3E8 With Sandbags

A CinC model -- it shows what a top-flight company can do to make "battlefield" models when they put their minds to it.

GHQ Model, looks to have 76mm gun

M4A3E2 Jumbo
A fine model from GHQ

ISM model of late-war tank with sandbag armor.  Note that I'm not sure that the ID is correct...

M4A3E8 with Turret Sandbags

Crap Models

M4A3E8 With Sandbags

Various version of the ISM model

M4A3E8 with Camo Netting

An ISM model.  Photos are not the best.

M4A3E8 With Wooden Slat Armor

ISM model

M4A3 105
GHQ Model

M4 Duplex Drive Tank
ISM Model

M4 Sherman Flamethrower
This is a custom-built model I received in an eBay lot.

M4 Sherman With Cullen Device

A fine model from CinC

M26 Heavy Tank
GHQ Model

And even more of them, painted slightly differently

M26 CinC Version

Experimental version of the M6 heavy tank, with 90mm gun.  Perhaps on two produced.  Model is from Kaja, and while it lacks many details of the original, it is still a very cool model.

M32 Armored Recovery Vehicle

ISM model (missing several bits)

A much better version, complete with all the parts (plus some I made myself...)

Another Version


GHQ Model

Sherman "Aunt Jemima" Mine Clearing Vehicle
From Masters of Military

Self-Propelled Tank Destroyers
M3 75mm SPAT Gun
CinC Model of early war tank destroyer

M10 Wolverine
GHQ model

More versions...

CinC Model
Not really in the same league as the GHQ model

Same models, now based

M18 Hellcat
GHQ Model

M18 Hellcat

CinC version, just not up to the same level as the GHQ model

M36 Jackson
ISM's version of the late-war 90mm armed tank destroyer

GHQ's Version of the M4 Sherman-based version of the M36, the M36B1

M6 37mm Tank Destroyer

Early US tank destroyer from GHQ

Various Light Armored Vehicles

M3 Halftracks
CinC model, with GHQ US seated  infantry.  Decals from I-94.

More CinC models with GHQ passengers

Several other models

ISM M3 Halftrack
Not a great model, but tire on front is a nice touch

This is a UK model, but I don't know the manufacturer.

Same model, now with a base

M4 Mortar Carrier
CinC Model

GHQ Halftacks
Decked out with figures from the GHQ crew pack, along with items from the half track accessory pack.

M4 Halftrack With 81mm Mortar
From GHQ

CinC Version

M3 Halftrack with 20mm AA Gun
Kind of a random conversion

Halftrack With 75mm Gun
Early war tank destroyer -- served in Tunisia.  Excellent model is from CinC.  Stars are from I-94.

M16 SPAA Halftrack
GHQ Model

M16 Quad .50 Cal AA
H&R model

M15A1 Special
Halftrack with 40mm Bofors AA Gun

GHQ Model -- Halftrack with 37mm AA Gun, 2 .50 Cal HMGs

Lots of Halftracks

White Scout Car
CinC Model

M8 Greyhound
From a British company, not sure which.  HMGs are from CinC, decals from GHQ.

GHQ M8 Scout Car

M20 Scout Car
GHQ's model of the ubiquitous command and scouting vehicle

ISM M20 Command Car
An interesting model

GHQ model

ISM Model., but not a very good one -- far too small, more like 1/350 (see comparison with GHQ model at end)

M4 High-Speed Tractor
Older model from ISM


37mm AT Gun
GHQ model from the light AT weapons pack

57mm AT Gun
GHQ model

Close-up of 57mm Gun

57mm towed by a Dodge Weapons Carrier

3 Inch AT Gun
Older GHQ model

75mm Pack Howitzer
From GHQ

75mm Pack Howitzer

H&R model and crew

105mm Pack Howitzer
H&R model and crew

155mm Howitzer
From CinC, GHQ crews

105mm Howitzers, with H&R Crew

155mm Howitzer
H&R model and crew

8" Howitzer
CinC model, GHQ crew

M7 Priest
GHQ Model - the current version.  I should have painted the ammunition.

Old version - not nearly so good

A comparison between the two

T92 SP 240mm Howitzer
GHQ model -- a real monster!

Sherman Calliope
GHQ model, a bit rough because it is an eBay rebuild

M8 Howitzer Tracked Motor Carrier
GHQ Model

M34 Ammo Carrier
Manufacturer unknown, but probably ISM

M51 Maxson Quad .50 Caliber Mount

90mm AA Gun M1
Newer H&R model, and truly an excellent one


GHQ Infantry
A horde of infantry from GHQ -- variously from the Infantry pack, Infantry #2 pack, and the heavy weapons pack.

A full regiment of infantry, lacking the support weapons (for now)

Rifle Platoons

A Platoon-Scale Rifle Company

Command and Recon Teams

60mm Mortar Teams

Bazooka Teams
From the GHQ Light AT Pack, with a brick wall from CinC.

The older single-casting GHQ bazooka team, which still comes in the US Armored Infantry Combat Command

GHQ Heavy Weapons
The following weapon teams are from GHQ's US Heavy Weapons pack.  They are older and smaller than the current line up of GHQ infantry, but currently, all they offer for medium machine guns and 81mm mortars.

CinC Machine Gun Teams
These are from their "Squad Leader" range, and are a good addition to any US force, given the lack of an equivalent GHQ model.

Heroics & Ros US Heavy Weapons
H&R actual offers a couple of heavy weapons sprues, which contain a wide variety of US heavy weapons.  The casting is not great, but they are very useful models.

.30 Caliber Machine Gun Teams


.50 Caliber Anti-Aircraft Guns

81mm Mortars

Bazooka Teams

US Marine Corps Infantry
GHQ models, not yet mounted on bases.  The models come from both the infantry and heavy weapons pacts.

Soft Skin Vehicles

Probably a GHQ model, if not a CinC one (long since forgotten)

GHQ Jeeps
Includes one with a 75mm recoilless rifle

ISM Jeep

M29 Weasel
Excellent model from GHQ

Dodge Weapons Carrier
From GHQ, with 57mm gun

WC52 3/4 Ton Truck
CinC model

3/4 Ton Dodge Communications Truck
CinC Model

1 1/2 Ton Truck
CinC Model

GMC 2 1/2 Ton Short-Wheel Base
GHQ model

GMC 2 1/2 Ton Truck

GHQ Model

6-Ton Corbitt 50SD6
Both the cargo and the bridging version of the heavy truck.  GHQ model.

Dodge K41 Signals Van With Trailer

A fine model from ISM

Big amphibious truck from GHQ

GMC Two And Half Ton Truck
GHQ Version

GHQ and CinC Version

GHQ Model

Two And Half Ton Fuel Truck
GHQ Model

H&R version

Some other kind of fuel tanker...

M26 Transporter
A fantastic model from CinC

Dodge 3/4 Ambulance
CinC Model


ISM model, really quite nice

Excellent CinC model


ISM Model of late Warhawk

P-47 Thunderbolt
ISM's P-47s, which come (came?) complete with a ground-attack loadout.  Lots of decals from I-94 and GHQ.

Alternate paint scheme.  Should have used decals for the nose; looks good at a distance but bad close up.

P-47D Razorback
A fantastic model from CinC -- assembles easily and looks great.

P-47 "Bubbletop"
CinC model

P-51 Mustangs
Repainted Scotia(?) models I got off eBay.  Didn't come out very well.  Decals, which are not very good, are from GHQ.

Same model, different paint jobs

ISM model

GHQ Version

P-38 Lightning
A pretty good model from H&R, complete with I-94's specialized P-38 declas

A less good model from Scotia's CollectAir line.  A significantly smaller model than the H&R version, perhaps as small as 1/330 or so.

ISM P-38

P-39 Airacobra
GHQ model

Brewster Buffalo

H&R model of early war aircraft.  First are colors used by USMC in defense of Midway, second is USN pre-war scheme

SBD Dauntless
Skytrex (I believe) model

ISM Version

F3F Wildcat
A very fine model from Raiden, now put out by I-94 Enterprises.  They also make the decals that adorn the side, which are specific markings for squadrons -- quite a nice touch.

The ISM Version

F4U Vought Corsair
Plastic model from Yujin, quite a good one

ISM Version

F6F Wildcat
Another plastic model from Yujin, quite nice

This is the Raiden version, not quite as good but still quite serviceable.

ISM Version

P-61 Black Widow
A really bad model in very soft lead from Skyraider

B-25 Mitchell
A fine model from CinC, of absolute exquisite manufacture.  Construction of the multi-part model was reasonable, rather than horrifying (as has been the case with other CinC aircraft).  Final model is quite good, though the props are rather fragile.  In real life, the black wash does a better job showing off the panel lines, which are well-etched.

A model of a later version from H&R.  I attempted to paint a toothed grin on the nose, to little effect.  Playing card decal is from I-94.

ISM B-25
I should have tried to add brass wire guns.

This guy is a bit different.  It is a pre-painted plastic item that comes in a pack of 6 for about $10.  Its actually 1/350 (officially, seems smaller than that though).  Overall, a pretty good early B-25 model, which would likely be better with a light wash of black paint to highlight the cockpit detail and other indentations.  Also, the rear turret would do well painted silver.

B-26 Marauder
A decent model from ISM.  I used brass wire to add the machine guns, which really added to the overall quality of the finish.  Decals are from I-94.

Another version, without the guns

The model on the left is a plastic one from Yujin, the other is the B-17E from ISM

This shot shows some of the cool decals from I-94 -- the big bomber tail markers and the playing card symbol on the nose.

B-24 Liberator

I believe the manufactuer is Skywarrior/Skyraider, but I'm just not sure.  I added the prop hubs, made from plastic rod, and the machine guns, made with brass wire.  The model was really poorly cast, and required a ton of filling with GW's Liquid Green Stuff (with requisite snading) to make serviceable.  The decals are from a specific set made for B-24s, but I can't recall the manufacturer off hand.

C-47 Dakota
Excellent and reasonably priced model of the key allied transport from Raiden Miniatures.  Decals are from I-94 and the Luftwaffe '46 range.

A far worse model from an unknown manufacturer.  In truth, I'm not even sure it is a C-47...

Waco Gliders
H&R models, with plastic card struts

Martin B-10

A key part of the US Army Air Corps bomber fleet in the 1930s, complete with my rather sad attempt at a period paint scheme.  Model is from Shapeways, and done in White, Strong & Flexible (Polished).  The polishing costs on a bit more, but is well worth it.

Here is the Dutch version, which served in the Dutch East Indies in 1942.  I included it here because a) I don't have a Dutch WWII section and b) it mainly worked with the US.

Complete Units

US Armored Combat Commands
These are shot of various US Armored Combat Commands drawn from Light Armored Divisions, circa 1944-45.  The equipment varies by battalion.

Armored Infantry Battalion

M4A3E8 76(W) Battalion

Combat Command HQ

Tank Destroyer Company

Anti-Aircraft Automatic Weapons Battery

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