French SA341 Gazelle wtih HOT ATGM
I acquired a large number of beat up old Gazelles off of eBay, and decided to convert a number to SA341/2's with HOT launchers.  These particular examples are from Heroics & Ros (I believe). 

The landing struts were originally molded to the fuselage, so I cave out around them and ultimatly cut them off.  I replaced them with 18 gauge brass wire.  I then added the roof mounted sight and the HOT launchers, both made out of stock plastic.

The real issue is the rotors.  Trumpeter makes a line of 1/350 scale aircraft and helicopters for naval models, so I picked up a Russian Helo set (Helix's I believe).  Since they are Kamov copters, they have dual counter-rotating props, so you get two triple-bladed rotors per pack.  At six helo models per box (for about $8 US), I could afford to scavenge a slew of props out of the pack.  It also comes with a really nice set of mixed Soviet and Russian scale decals.  Trimmed down slightly, the props go great.

Here is the final model, painted up in a 1990's scheme.  Now if only someone made scale white decals reading "Armee de Terre"...

Here is one of the finished French Helos next to a UK Army Air Corps observation Gazelle by Skytrex.  It has rotors from the same source, but the base model is from Skytrex.  The problem with the Skytrex version is that the landing strucks and fuselage are one big block of metal.  Overall, though, the Skytrex model is a bit crisper.

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