AH1 Rebuild
I picked up this GHQ AH-1S off of ebay cheap.  It was unfortunately incomplete, missing one stubb wing and it associated armaments.  I needed thin plastic stiffer than standard sheet plastic, so I cut the stub wing out of a piece of plastic packaging.  The rockets pack was made out of a length of .10 rod with holes poked on each end to give texture.  The quad TOW packs was four lengths of .035 rod (I think) glued together with a mounting bracket on top.  To replace the missing rotors, I order a brass rotor sheet from GHQ -- they are a good deal at $2.00 a sheet, particurlarly as two sets come on the AH-1 sheet.
Here is the final product.  While I like building Helicopters, US models can be rather boring to paint.  The base is a 1" wooden disk from a craft store with 18 gauge with glued in the middle.  This seems to work for all but the heaviest helicopters.

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