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Engineering Vehicles
Artillery, Tracked and Towed

Main Battle Tanks

One of the interesting things about putting together a Greek army is that they used just about every non-British NATO vehicle produced in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  They also had a cool MERDC-esque paint scheme and every vehicle featured a Greek flag painted on.

This is GHQ's M48A3 painted up in Greek colors.  The flag looks a bit washed out in this photo.

M48 Kitbash
Made up a bunch of these from various parts around the shop.  Parts are mainly GHQ (I think...)

Leopard 1A3
Greece received a limited number of Leopard 1s from West Germany during the early 1980s.

Here's a shot of the same group of Leopards mounted on metal bases.

This model is from CinC; it is the early AMX-30, but I don't know if that is the correct one for Greece.

M-24 Chaffee
CinC's excellent model.  I need a better photo.


Leonidas 1
A variant of the Austrian 4K4.  This is simply the CinC model in a Greek paint job.  The smoke dischargers are not in the right place for Greece, but it is pretty darn close otherwise.

Greece fielded a large number of M113s in addition to the rest of their personnel carriers.

CinC M3 Halftracks, Assorted
Still in use by Greece at the end of the Cold War...
These are absolutely wonderful little models.

Reconnaissance Vehicles

M8 Greyhound

This WWII veteran served with Greece straight through the end of the Cold War.  This is the GHQ model.


Jeep With 106mm Recoilles Rifle
GHQ US jeep with plastic RR.  I added a glob of super glue to the end and compressed it to make it look more like the real RR breech, but it doesn't really show in the final model.

Engineering Vehicles

Artillery, Tracked and Towed

This is another Greek Camoflauge pattern -- the major non-green color seems to vary between khaki and red-brown.

GHQ's Self propelled mortar

Another Version

Miscellaneous Vehicles

GHQ M577 Command Vehicle

M113 with TOW
An older GHQ Model.  I probably should have cleaned the extra flock off it better before photographing it.

SkyWarrior Mirage F-1
Looking to get some Greek national insignia for this one (which I've already redone partially since I took this shot...)

Nichimo A-7
Greek version of the ground attack aircraft (OK, Greek paint scheme at least)

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