Modern Israeli Forces
Light Armored Vehicles
Soft Skin Vehicles


GHQ Merkava IV

Merkava I or II from CinC

More versions of the same model

GHQ Merkava I

Merkava I or II from Skytrex
Not the most detailed model, but looks quite good on the table.  

GHQ Magach 7

GHQ Magach 6B Gal

GHQ Magach 3

I believe this is one of the Magach versions

Israeli M60 w/Blazer Reactive Armor
H&R Model

CinC Model

Skytrex Improved Centurion
Skytrex's Centurion Ben Gurion.  Model is basic, but actually looks quite good on the table.

ISM Uparmored Centurion
ISM's Centurion Ben Gurion with reactive armor and mine rollers.  I had no idea, really, how to pain the mine rollers.

GHQ M-50 Super Sherman
One of my favorite models.  The add-on baggage is really well done, and gives a very authentic feel.

GHQ M50 and M51
The tank on the left is an M51 with a 105mm gun, the one on right is an M50 with a 90mm gun

Another version...

CinC M50

An Israeli conversion of captured T-55s


CinC M109
A beat up old model

CinC M106 in Israeli Service

Soltam 160mm Self-Propelled Mortar
I believe this to be a Skytrex model.

Soltam L33 155mm Self Propelled Gun
A Skytrex model manufactured (or at least packaged...) by Stephens International

Soltam L33
This is the excellent GHQ version


GHQ Infantry
In and amongst GameCraft Middle Eastern buildings.

Other Armored Vehicles

GHQ Namer
MBT converted into armored personnel carrier

H&R Achzarit

GHQ M113 Zelda

Another version, with extra machine guns.

ISM M113 Zelda

More Versions, this time with machine gun added

Comparison With GHQ Model

H&R M113 Zelda

GHQ M113
Not modified with the Zelda package

GHQ M3 Halftrack
Israeli version

CinC Version

ISM M577 Command Post

M113 With 60mm High Velocity Gun
A fine model from CinC, much better than the ISM equivalent (also much more accurate...)

ISM M113 w/60mm
At least I guess that is what it is....

ISM M113 With 60mm High Velocity Gun and Toga Armor

Another version, with a mangled barrel and a heavy wash

M113 Tamsuz
GHQ model of M113 with ATGM

Pereh Missile Carrier
2017 model from GHQ

M3 Halftrack with 90mm Anti-Tank Gun
An excellent model

H&R RBY Scout Car

ISM RBY Scout Car With TOW
Vehicle is quite good, but crew is of minimal quality

M163 20mm SPAA Gun
A Skytrex model, manufactured by Stephens International.  I think that's supposed to be a commander figure in the turret...

GHQ M163

Some sort of ISM model, painted it up for Israel

Arrow 2 ABM System
This is a rather unusual model from Shapeways, by Kokoda Trail Models.  It is scaled up from a 1/600 model, and the scaling appears to be off.  If I had to guess, it is in fact closer to 1/200.

Iron Dome
A similar model from Shapeways, by Kokoda Trail Models, also scaled up from 1/600, but appears to be appropriately scaled.

Soft Skin Vehicles

Assorted Jeeps

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