Main Battle Tanks
Reconnaissance Vehicles
Artillery, Tracked and Towed

Main Battle Tanks And Other Heavy Vehicles

Ariete MBT
Italian-developed MBT, GHQ model.  Truly a great model.  The blue or red marks on the turret are unit ID markers.

Same model, with a different paint scheme

Centauro Self-Propelled Gun
GHQ Model

H&R's Centauro
Not really in the same league as the GHQ model, and appears to be undersized.

B-1 Draco
76mm-armed AA vehicle based on the Centauro chassis.  More photos are needed, but this interesting item is from Micro Master on Shapeways.

Leopard 1
Italy licensed-produced the Leopard 1 and a number of variants (including a development version, the OF-40) throughought the 1970s and 1980s.  These are the CinC 1A2 model.

In use by Italy right through 1989


Freccia APC
21st century APC, model by GHQ.  Painted using the Vallejo NATO 3-Tone Camo set, which I don't really like.  The green appears off.

Dardo IFV
21st Century IFV.  This is a newer H&R model, but isn't really up to their recent execellent standards.  Still, they make it and no one else does, and it is not expensive, so I bought a bunch.

Italy was a major producer of the M113 series of vehicles.  In addition to standard M113s, they produced several versions of their own.  I have been working to make my own Italian M113 variants.  This is my first attempt at a VCC-1, painted up in the colors of the San Marco  Marines.  It was less than satisfactory.

Here is my second (and more successful) attempt.  It uses a plug-in turret from CinC.  I have not added the side turret armor, but will in later models.  I used wire for the rear turret ring, but it is too high and will be lower on future models.

This is another common Italian M113 variant, with two cupolas replacing one on the standard M113.  The gunner's cupola featured a small circular ring of armor, and additional armor plating was added to the sides of the hull.  In the future, I will mount the HMG differently, as it obstructs the cupola too much on this vehicle.

including the basic vehicle, the command version, and the recovery version.  Painted up as used by the Sile battalion of the Lagunari brigade.

I re-based these vehicles (4 LVTP-7s, 1 LVTR, 1 LVTC) on metal based covered with a sand/glue mixture, with a little flock and a lot of layers of paint... its supposed to look like scrubland, either near a beach or in a desert.

Reconnaissance Vehicles

None so far...


Italian utility and light attack helicopter from H&R

This is the G222 from Ian Starling -- its a fantastic model, and is also in service with the US as the C27.

Late Cold War/1990s attack aircraft built jointly by Italy and Brazil.  A fine model from H&R.

Model is from Skywarrior.

Tornado IDS
GHQ models

Raiden model from I-94 Enterprises

Artillery, Tracked and Towed

SIDAM 25mm
GHQ model of a post-Cold War AA system

40mm Bofors AA Guns
This is the excellent CinC model with GHQ seated infantry as crewman.  

SPADA Air Defense System
Italian-Designed, no idea who actually adopted it...  The models are from Scotia

Radar Vehicle -- oddly, there appear to be two versions

Missile System

Gun System

Another version of the same

Miscellaneous Vehicles

Jeep With TOW
The AR-76 jeep with TOW was common among Italian mech and motor brigade.  This is the Scotia Jeep with TOW model.

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