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Main Battle Tanks

GHQ Uparmored Challenger 1 MBT
The level of detail on this model is outstanding, and really rewards drybrushing.

GHQ Challenger 1

GHQ Challenger 1 Based
This one, like many recent additions, is washed in dark brown ink.

H&R Challenger 1s -- relatively crude models, but look OK painted up.

Here is a GHQ Challenger 1 (an eBay rebuild) next to an H&R model.

Here's a much better version, with H&R's ever-useful add-on baggage and camo nets

CinC Challenger 1
The following shots are from a newly painted and based platoon-scale regiment of Challenger 1s.  I tried to customize each vehicle with resin baggage, etc.

GHQ Challenger With Minerollers

ISM Challenger With Camo Netting

ISM Challenger

H&R Chieftain Stillbrew
Upgraded late Cold War Chieftain, filling a major gap in available models.

H&R Chieftain Stillbrew
An excellent model, only recently released.  Fills a much-needed gap for a key late-Cold War UK vehicle.

CinC Chieftain
An excellent model that comes with both a closed hatch and an open one with a commander.  It would be great if others models came this way.  The camo nets are made using JBs (from GHQ forum's) method of melting foam on with super glue.  It comes out quite well.

This is a side view without the flash to give an idea of the color (greener than it appears in the above photos)

Another Example of the CinC Chieftain

Yet another version of CinC's Chieftain

This is the GHQ version -- while slight more detailed (particularly with stowage, barrel and rivets), there is no huge difference -- they are both good models.

These are other versions of the GHQ Chieftain, part of a (platoon-scale) regiment I painted up.

Another version of the GHQ Chieftain

Conqueror Heavy Tank
Designed to complement the Centurion in British service, the Conqueror was one of the largest tanks ever field by Britain.  This model is from Skytrex, and while not that detailed, it appears the actual production vehicle was not either.  A better photo is certainly needed.

This is the Stevens International version... 

This is a 3D printed version of the Conqueror from Shapeways. It is not as detailed as the others, but in some ways is more accurate.

Early Centurion
This is GHQ's early Centurion (Mk5\1 with 20lber) -- while long out of service with the UK, it served with other NATO allies significantly longer, including with Denmark until the early 1990s.

Early CinC Centurion
I don't know if this is a Mk3 or Mk5, but it is a 20lber armed version (and probably a Mk3)

Yet another version, which could really have benefited from a wash of some sort.

Centurion 105
This is the 105mm Centurion CinC

Another version...

This is a full scale regiment in their box, which is a clear acrylic case from The Container Store with a layer of magnetic sheeting glued on the bottom.

This is the Skytrex version, marketed (at least at one point...) by Stephens International as the "Improved UK Centurion".  The model doesn't look good in photos, but does actually look fine on the table.

New Version Of H&R Centurion

GHQ Tortoise
Only a few of these beasts produced just after the end of WWII.  Still, a very cool super-heavy, very well done by GHQ.


GHQ MCV 80 Warrior (New Sculp)
This is the 2015 remake of the older model.  The newer version is crisper and the details far more reflective of the actual vehicle in service.

The unbased model is the new sculpt, the based is the old, all four sides shown.

GHQ MCV80 Warrior (Old Sculpt)

GHQ MCV80 Improved (New Sculpt)

Another version, with Vallejo Violet Brown as its base color and charcoal gray for the camo.

H&R MCV80 Warrior
Not really in the same league as the GHQ model, but doesn't look out of place next to GHQ models.

Skytrex MCV80 Warrior
Not sure if this is the current version, but its really not good at all.

GHQ FV432 with Peak Engineering MG Turret
There is also a GHQ version without the turret (picture forthcoming) and about 4 variants recently released, some of which I have on order.

Another version, these without the turret

H&R FV432
Really a quite good model, with more character than the CinC version.

FV432 With MG Turret
I believe this is the Skytrex version, but I'm not sure.

Another Paint Scheme 
The above models are based using PollyS Green Drab, while the below are based in Vallejo's equivalent, Brown Violet.

CinC FV432 and variants

These are some of the first vehicles I ever painted up, and it shows.  I drybrushed so much brown onto them I obliterated the details.

For comparison to the CinC FV432/Mortar, here is one by (I believe) H&R

H&R Mastiff
UK version of the ultra-modern patrol vehicle, sculpted by Ian Armstrong.  Quite a good model, really looked effective with the anti-RPG screen.

H&R Jackal 2
21st Century patrol vehicle

H&R Coyote
Another 21st Century patrol vehicle

New GHQ Saxons
Significantly more detailed than its Scotia cousin

Scotia Saxons
The Scotia model is actually fairly decent, particulary with the gear in the top rack.  The first one in line is the command version, the trailing pair are standard.

Here are several more Saxons with equipment and netting added

FV438 Swingfire Vehicles (GHQ and CnC)

Both excellent models; GHQ has more pronounced detail, but CnC seems to be more to scale.  The CnC model is one of the first vehicles I painted, and it shows.
A bit of an embarrassing note here...  the turrets are actually all on backwards.  What appears to be a pair of hatches in the front for the missiles are in fact the back of the launchers.

GHQ Version -- this one with the turret facing the correct direction.

CinC Version -- probably more accurately scaled than GHQ version, but doesn't look as good

FV432 With Wombat RR

GHQ Spartan
This model is done with a browner version of British Brown Drab.

GHQ Spartan and Strikers
These Spartan and Strikers (Swingfire equipped Spartans) are done in a far greener version of British Brown Drab, and I feel look much better.  From my understanding, the actual shade of real life vehicles is heavily dependent on how much the paint was initially thinned down and how long the paint job had been fading in the sun.

Another version of the Spartan, with an alternate paint job and a brown ink wash

A whole engineering squadron worth

Humber Pig
A Shapeways model, printed in Black Detail.  While this produces a model that looks good from the top and from a distance, at close range the sides of the vehicle look wretched.  Still, a useable model.

Reconnaissance Vehicles

CVR(T) Series

Combat Vehicle, Reconnaissance (Tracked) Scopions and Scimitar
Top Scorpion is GHQ, other two are CnC.  The difference between the models is obvious here.  The GHQ model, in addition to be significantly better painted, is far more detailed.

GHQ Scimitar -- tough to keep the barrels straight

Another version of GHQ's Scimitar

GHQ CVR(T)s -- including a Scimitar with a replacement wire barrel

This is the Skytrex version of the Scorpion -- not nearly as detailed as its GHQ and CinC counterparts

Ferret Mk 1
A 2015 model from GHQ of the early, turret-less version of the Ferret.

Ferret Mk 2
2013 model from GHQ, a fine improvement on others available, but they are so small, its tough to actually notice that.

CVR(W) Series

From the left to right, CnC Fox, GHQ Saladin, H&R Fox, Scotia (?) Ferret

Another Paint Job On A CinC Fox

Here's another Ferret model -- I believe from H&R.  Exterior details differ from above model, but quality is roughly the same.

Another Ferret, this one mounted on a base as part of a scale regiment.  I believe it is a Scotia model.

GHQ Saladin
Post-WWII heavy armored car with low-velocity 76mm.  Survived in a number of armies through the 1990s.  Some British examples served on Cyprus until at least 1990.

Engineering And Recovery Vehicles

Centurion AVRE
GHQ model

FV432 with Ranger Minelayer
This conversion consists of a GHQ FV432 mortar vehicle and a Skytrex Ranger minelauncher, plus some heavy brass wire to form a stand for it.

FV-432 with BAR Minelayer
Skytrex minelayer with converted GHQ hull.

FV-432 with both Ranger Minethrower and BAR Minelayer

FV180 Combat Engineering Tractors (H&R)

Much better versions, with debris in the plow

Warrior ARV (Scotia)

Spartan ARV (H&R)

FV-432 ARV
H&R Model

See the Custom Build section for full details

Custom Chieftain AVLB
See the Custom Build section for full details

Skytrex Chieftain AVLB

Chieftain ARV (H&R)
No the best paint job...

Chieftain Armoured Recovery Vehicles (Scotia)

M2 Amphibian
Model is from Skytrex.  It is rather plain but covers an unusual subject.  Thanks to Ben Behrens for the maker's ID (on this and others).

Artillery, Tracked and Towed

AS90 Braveheart
An excellent model of a post-Cold War 155mm SP Gun

CinC M110A1
Used in limited numbers by the Brits before the adoption of the MLRS in the early 1990s

H&R Abbots (left) and Skytrex Abbots (right)
Not much to choose from between the two; detail is a bit more pronounced on Scotia model

More Skytrex Abbots

CnC M109A2 155mm SPH and GHQ M578 support vehicle

A GHQ M109, Along With A Full Platoon

Another version, this one painted using the Vallejo Brown Violet and Black Gray.

And even more...

Yet another M109, this one an A1 from CinC

And one more version...

GHQ 105mm Light Gun
Excellent new GHQ model with Pritzi prime mover.  The pack comes with parts to build five models, which can be built as either towed or deployed, along with a pair of 4x4 Pinzgauer prime movers.

Skytrex 105mm Light Guns and 155mm FH-70s

The FH-70 seems massively out of scale; the barrel looks closer to 400mm than 155mm.
Here are both types of guns with H&R gun crews added

Light Gun with H&R land rovers, acting as observation vehicles

I believe that these are H&R, but I'm really not sure.  They are very close in detail to the GHQ models, so it is hard to tell.

Tracked Rapier
From Heroics & Ros, I think

This is the Skytrex version; not nearly as good as the H&R model.

Towed Rapier With Blindfire Radar
Also from Heroics & Ros, far superior to other versions

Marksman SPAA
A proposed vehicle, which was never produced for Britain, though the turret eventually was sold to others (at least Finland, that I know of).

Starstreak SP SAM
An excellent model from GHQ

Miscellaneous Vehicles

GHQ FV432 Radio Vehicles
Part of GHQ's line of FV432 variants -- quality is superb.

GHQ FV432 Cymbeline Radar Vehicle

This is the same model next to Scotia's version...

This is the Skytrex version, which is better than the Scotia version.

Tracked Rapier (H&R), Stalwart Amphibious Truck (Scotia? Skytrex?)

Another Stalwart, with badly painted windows

Another version of the Stalwart...

Yet even more...

Here's the Masters of Military 3D-printed version of the Stalwart, which is quite good.  

H&R Sultan
A pair of H&R's Sultans with aerials and decals.  Decals are from the Dragon 1/144 MCV80/Chally 2 kit.  They also have Union Jacks on the front.

Various Trucks by Scotia, H&R, Skytrex

Foden Gun Limber and Supply Vehicles
Navwar models (who now own the H&R molds).  A single truck body with two different cargo loads.  They are removable; I put a nail in the bottom of each cargo load, drilled a hole in the base of the truck to match, and stuck a rare earth magnet in to hold the load in place.  It works reasonable well, but it took a lot more effort than it was worth and it probably is an experiment that won't be repeated.

Leyland DROPS with Ammo Containers
H&R model -- the ID on this one may be wrong...

DROPS without cargo

Leyland Drops
Armstrong model's excellent Leyland, both with hard body and ammo pallets 

Scotia QF Truck

Bedford MK
From Scotia

Bedford MK Office Body
H&R model

Bedford MK Signals
H&R model

Alvis 2002 Tank Transporter

From H&R, a really big beast

Thornycroft Antar Mk. 2
A fine model from Masters of Military

Thornycroft Antar Mk. 3
H&R model

Various Maintenance and Command Vehicles
Center left is H&R FV434 Maintenance Carrier, bottom right is Skytrex.

Land Rovers
GHQ's new Land Rover model -- great for UK Territorials.  A fantastically detailed model with two MG options -- a .50 cal (shown here) and a 7.62mm of some sort (GPMG?)

Land Rover 110
GHQ Model circa 2015

This is an H&R model, a believe also of the Land Rover 110

Land Rover
A Land Rover in the command role; I have no idea of the manufacturer (later note:  I suspect that this is H&R)

Land Rover Range Rover
Newer model from H&R

3/4 ton Signals Landrover
H&R model, thanks to Rick Levick for clearing up my earlier error.

Land Rover
H&R model, not sure which specific model

Austin Champ
Early Cold War Jeep equivalent.  A new model (really a line of them) from H&R.

Machine Gun Carrier

Recoilless Rifle Variant

Champ FFR

Humber Hornet w/Malkara ATGM
A 3D printed model from Shapeways

1-Ton Landrover
Likely an H&R model.  Thanks to Rick Levick for the ID.

Aircraft and Helicopters

RAF Harrier from Heroics & Ros with GHQ weapons, decals are from I-94 Enterprises.

RAF Harrier from CinC

GHQ Tornado.  This is an ebay rebuild-and-repaint.  Probably a fine model new.

GHQ models geared up as Tornado F3 Interceptors

Yet another GHQ model of the Tornado

This is the H&R model.  It is not a fine one.

H&R model.  I painted this before I had RAF decals.


Old warhorse of a bomber, also used by the US.  Served in various auxiliary roles from the 1950s until the end of the Cold War.  H&R model.

H&R model of late Cold War UK bomber

RAF Hunter with decals from I-94.  I believe it is a Heroics & Ros model

Key British fighter from the 1960s and 1970s.  Used into the early eighties.  Manufacturer unknown, but I believe these are Scotia's Collectair English Electric Lightning F, though I have been told that it may be ISM's version.

A Vulcan bomber -- an absolutely huge model .  The model has been identified as being from Skytrex.

Hawk T.1A
One of the RAF Hawks armed with Sidewinders for close-in air defense duty of RAF bases, probably an H&R model

Same maker, as a T.1 without the missiles.  These are actually GHQ decals, and I was rather let down by them.

Skytrex Gazelle observation helicopter with rotor blades from Trumpeter's Kamov Helix set.  The helicopter is decent, but the skids are molded in a block, which detracts from the model.  Detail on the cockpit glass is good, however, making it relatively easy to paint.

Lynx AH.7 AT Helicopters
GHQ (top) in grey/green pattern, H&R (bottom) in black/green, both together

Skytrex Puma
Rotors are from GHQ's SA342, decal is from I-94 Enterprises

H&R Chinook
With Paras deploying.  Rotors are GHQ etched brass.  I need a better shot of this model -- it has decals that are not visible, and the flash has made the gray appearfar lighter than it actually is.

Viking Models Chinook
This model is pretty bad, so I tried an alternate color scheme with it (that is, I sought to use different colors to achieve the appropiate real-life pattern).  Haven't put rotors on yet, and probably won't, as the model is not worth the effort.


GHQ UK Infantry
  GHQ makes two fantastic modern UK infantry sets -- regular infantry and heavy weapons.  My only complaint would be the large numbers of 51mm mortars in the heavy weapons pack; they could easily have been fewer in number and supplemented with LAW80s and 81mm mortars.  They are mounted here 3 to a base (1/2 inch x 3/4 inch) for platoon-sized stands and two to a base (1/2 inch square) for command groups and support units.

This is a platoon-scale infantry company with a Javelin AAGW team in the background.

This is a Javelin team and a command group in an orchard.  Trees are small nails stuck through clump foliage and covered with white glue.

An infantry team covers a pair of Milan missiles teams on the edge of a wood.  Pine tree is a GHQ Terrain Maker tree brushed with heavy quantities of "pine green" craft paint.

Here are some H&R UK infantry

UK Parachute Regiment Troops
These are Heroics & Ros British Paratroops.  I painted their berets the traditional Red Devil color, even though they are unlikely to go into combat that way (at least not often).  Frankly, I thought they looked a lot better with a little color.

I have organized the figures for platoon scale rules such as Command Decision or Fistful of TOWS.  Here, a para platoon covers two scout sections as they advance.

A Blowpipe stand covers a para company as it deploys in a village.

The battalion commander looks over the situation

The battalion mortar battery sets up in a park

Para engineers advance through urban terrain

UK Infantry
From H&R, including infantry and support packs

Command, Milan and SFMG Teams

81mm Mortar Team

More Infantry

Blowpipe Teams

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