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GHQ's reactive armor clad version of the venerable M60.  This is a fantastic models, with extremely well detailed reactive tiles.  These models are done in a four-color pattern often seen on Marine vehicels in teh 1980s.  Unfortunately (and completely out of character for GHQ), some of these models had a fair bit of flash on the wheels that was very difficult to remove.


ISM Super M60
This is the model of an upgrade proposed for the M60, painted up as a USMC vehicle.
Note: some recent research indicates that these may in fact be attempts to model the Krauss Maffei/Thyssen Henschel Super M48, but I'd still be on the Super 60.

From the Marine Task Force pack.  Like most of the ISM models, it has the parts that (if from GHQ or CinC) would be separate parts molded on.  Consequently, the .50 cal HMG is stunted and not particularly discernible.

Only a single model in the pack was different... this one had what appears to be have cables strong across it back.

APCs & Light Vehicles

A Note On LAV Models
While I am generally quite a fan of CinC, the LAV-25 and variants are one set of models in which you really do get much more for your money from GHQ.  There is far more detail on each model, really rewarding a good paint job. 

LAV-25 (CinC)

This is the CinC LAV-25.   I painted all my CinC LAVs  in NATO 3-tone, which is common for those not serving in the Middle East.  The GHQ models are in 4-tone MERDC as seen below on the Amtracs.

LAV-25 (GHQ)

More GHQ Lav-25s

LAV-25 (ISM)
This is a copy of the GHQ model (the hull at least...) with baggage added



Yet another version

This is simply a GHQ LAV-AT with the missile launcher cast as a single piece on the hull and some exterior gear added.

CinC's version of the 81mm Mortar-carrying LAV

LAV-81 (GHQ)

Another version, with a different paint scheme

LAV-C and LAV-R (CinC)
CinC's LAV Command and Recovery variants.  There is also a logistic variant that is quite similar to the LAV-C.


LAV-C (or L?, ISM)
This is a CinC knockoff


Yet another version...

This is, in fact, a copy of the CinC model with a couple of tires and boxes added, and the crane molded on.

Unlike the CinC model, GHQ's LAV-L is noticeable different from the LAV-C.

I'm not really sure what real-world vehicle this model is mean to represent.  The hull appears to be GHQ.

LAV-AD (Viking)
Model of the LAV-AD from Viking Models, possibly based on one by a British manufacturer.  Not particularly close to the turret that the Marines ultimately went with, and not a good model at all.

LAV-AG (Hybrid)
This is a speculative (ie fake) vehicle, using an extra ISM LAV hull with a GHQ Stryker 105mm turret.

LAV-AG (Hybrid)
Scotia turret on GHQ hull.  The third shot shows a howitzer-armed version (purely speculative.)

Manufacturer Unknown, possibly Scotia

Manufacturer Unknown, possibly Scotia

CinC LAV-25s in Desert Colors
I did a really poor job on the wheels... but the baggage looks good and the wheel issues are only noticeable from close up (or so I tell myself...)

Several post-eBay LVTP-7s that suffered a bit when removed from their basing.  Better versions are forthcoming, along with the newer GHQ AAAVP-7, an excellent model.

GHQ LVTP-7 Recovery Version

Updated version of the earlier LVTP-7 -- an excellent model.

More AAVP's, with alternate paint schemes

Command version of the later AAVP from GHQ -- this one came in a pack with LVTP-7 recovery vehicles

A version by one of the UK manufacturers, actually not a bad model

Massive model of Vietnam-era LVT from GHQ

Artillery, Tracked and Towed

M198 155mm Towed Howitzer
An excellent model from GHQ.  I am working on a crew for it.

MTVR Mk 23
A fine new model for GHQ

M925 5-Ton Truck
This model is from GHQ; a pair comes packed with the M198 set.

Here are several other version of this model; I like to really vary up the paint schemes on trucks.

HMMWV with 40mm AGL (ISM)
From the ISM Marine Task Force pack

HMMWV with .50 Cal (ISM)
From the ISM Marine Task Force pack

From the ISM Marine Task Force pack

From the ISM Marine Task Force pack

M35? Trucks (ISM)
From the ISM Marine Task Force pack

From the ISM Marine Task Force pack

This is the GHQ version


Heroics & Ros AH1

These models are actually quite good.  They are painted up in USMC colors with GHQ decals.  The color is a bit washed out in this photos, but they are mid-gray.  The stands are wooden disks pierced with 18-gauge wire.

Piasecki Retriever
Shapeways model of early Cold War helicopter.  Note that one of the rotors had to be replaced because it snapped off.

CH-46 by CinC
An excellent model; the rotors are works of art, but a bit fragile.  Decals are from GHQ, except tail code, which is I-94 Enterprises.  I really need to learn to paint aircraft.

CH-53 by CinC
Another fantastic model with great rotors, but a bit fragile.  Decals are GHQ.

MV-22 Osprey
A fine model from GHQ

This is the H&R version -- not as detailed, but quite serviceable for the price.

An awful version from Revell, a plastic kit that is based on an early prototype

A fine model from Gamecraft Miniatures, one of their small number of metal models.

RA-5C Vigilante
Used as a recon bird by the US Navy until the early 1980s.  This model is an injection molded 1/300 scale plastic kit from Nichimo, who make a line of US carrier aircraft in this scale.  They come two (different) models to a pack, and have extensive sets of decals.

Several versions of the Nichimo plastic kit, with and without tail decals

Two A-4 Skyhawk Models
Two A-4 Models -- on the left is one from Skytrex (I believe), while on the right is a Nichimo kit.

More Nichimo A-4s

Appears to be a copy of the Nichimo kit

Probably H&R, but not sure

F-14 Tomcat
Another plastic model from Nichimo, it has a cool set of decals.

F-14 Tomcat
CinC model.  A gorgeous model, in theory, but absolutely wretched to build and falls apart easily.

Phoenix missile loadout is quite nice, though

F-14A Tomcat
Skytrex model of the USN interceptor.  The model has decent lines, but is roughly cast.

F-18 Hornet
Nichimo's version of the F-18.  There are actually a number of decals on this model, but they are the low visibility markings, and very tough to distinguish.

Other versions of the same aircraft from the same manufacturers

CinC's F-18
A most excellent model -- very delicate, though.  Painted up in the low-vis paint scheme.

ISM Version.  I should have added sidewinders, but I didn't have any handy

A-6 Intruder
Nichimo's version, which comes with excellent decals.

ISM A-6s, which come with attached racks of bombs.  Decals are scavenged from a 1/350 scale kit

A-6 Intruder
H&R Model

From Nichimo, also has an excellent set of decals

A-7 Corsair
Another Nichimo model with a great set of decals.  

ISM version of the A-7. which has pretty good mold lines

A-7 Corsair II
H&R Model

Navy version from Nichimo.  I had a bit of trouble with the large decals on the tail -- they are actually slightly larger than the model...

F-8 Crusader
A fine 1/300 plastic model from Nichimo

F-8 Crusader
H&R Model

S-3 Tracker
Probably never going to have much use in a wargame, but it is a cool model.  Also from Nichimo (notice a pattern here?)

Another version...

And yet another version... Yes, I have a ridiculous number of S-3s.

The ISM version of the same model

E-2C Hawkeye
Nichimo model, wins the award for "Least Likely Model To Ever Grace A Gaming Table"

Skytrex model with GHQ missiles, painted up to resemble an aggressor aircraft used by the Top Gun school.

A-1 Skyraider
A fine model of the 1950s-60s ground attack aircraft


GHQ's excellent air-cushioned landing craft.  This is quite a complex model, requiring extnesive construction.  You get two of them, plus a pair of M1A1s, in a combat command, which is quite a good deal.  I did these based in Cadet Gray, which may not be as tan as it should have been.

I've also posted photos sent to me of another LCAC build in my "Models From Others" section.

LCAC with a trio of M113A3s

And with a load of ISM LAVs

The construction of the brass for the fans was fairly difficult.

GHQ's model, an excellent kit

Vietnam-Era River Monitor
A great model from GHQ, though I "mislaid" several of the smaller bits and replaced them with plastic.

Vietnam-Era Swift Boat
From GHQ.  I don't know why I didn't paint the machine guns...

SRN-5 Hovercraft from Skyraider, used by US in Vietnam.  Not a good model at all.

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