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Air Defense
Soft Skin Vehicles
Full Soviet Units

Note:  Thie Soviet section has been broken up into several subsections, becasue the original had gotten far too large.  

A note on the paint color of Soviet vehicles:  Most of these shots look less green and more brown than they appear in real life (I assume it is due to the flash, I don't really know).  However, I have not finished most of my vehicles in the black-green frequently seen on 1980's Soviet vehicles on parade.  Rather, I chose a greenish-khaki (Soviet Khaki #2, PollyScale) that seems to be a far closer match to the way Soviet vehicles actually appear in the field.  When I have used black green, I have drybrushed Soviet Khaki onto them.  I have not painted anything in the various light green shades sometimes marketed as WarPac paint, as I have yet to see decent photographic evidence that it was ever used outside of parades.

Air Defense
GHQ ZSU-23-4 next to GHQ ZSU-57-2

CinC ZSU-57-2
A better model than GHQ's, but the barrels are prone to bending.  I wish there were scale crew figures.

Another shot of a GHQ ZSU-23-4, in a different paint scheme.  I used ModelMaster Jet Exhaust Pipe for the guns, to good effect.

A speculative model, I don't think any actual vehicle looks like this

GHQ 2S6 Tunguska
A truly beautiful model from GHQ -- the detail level is high, and it is actually quite a large vehicle.

GHQ BMP-2 With ZU-23/2
This is a GHQ BMP-2 with a dual 23mm gun mounted in place of the turret.  Part of GHQ's 3rd World Warriors collection.

GHQ Gaz-66 With ZU-23/2
Similar to the above model, but mounted in the bed of a GAZ-66 light truck.  I use these with my Soviet Airborne units.

CinC SA-2 Battery with Fansong-E Radar
These are fantastic models from CinC -- true works of art.

CinC SA-3 Battery
Another great piece of air defense equipment from CinC

Scotia SA-4
Very good models from Scotia, although all that I ordered were poorly cast.

This is the reload vehicle.

GHQ SA6 and Radar Track
These are some of the nicest models GHQ makes, and I gave them a decidedly mediocre paint job.

Here are more GHQ SA-6s with better paint jobs, although you wouldn't know it from the photo...

H&R Version Of The SA-6

CinC Version of SA-6

A large, detailed model that comes in requires some simple assembly

Another shot of an SA-8 in a slightly different paint scheme -- a bit lighter.

A shot of a different SA-8 model, this one based

The early version of the SA-8.  Not a fantastic model, likely from Skytrex.

CinC SA-8 Romb Reload Vehicle
Carries spare missiles for the SA-8

GHQ SA-9 Gaskin

I belive this is the CinC model

A decidedly mediocre model, depicting the SA-10 SAM on the move.

Another Version

SA-10 Command Vehicle
From ISM, may be the radar vehicle...

ISM SA-12b Giant
The SA-12b is the long-range version of the SA-12 Grizzly.  This model was cast by ISM in the late 1980s or early 1990s when only partial information was available on the missile.  I have recently found an old US Department of Defense mockup of what they thought the missile battery looked like -- and these models are exact copies.  While it is not remarkably accurate (the ribs on the launch vehicle are too large and the radar mast should be square and articulated) it is still a unique, interesting model and a worth addition to any army.  The full set from ISM included six vehicles -- 2 launchers, 2 different radar vehicles, a command vehicle and a reload vehicle.

CinC SA-13
MTLB-based replacement for the SA-9

Also an excellent version of this vehicle

Another GHQ SA-13 in a different scheme.

Yet another version


Well, sort of.  I believe this is ISM's speculative version and it is just way off the mark.

I have no idea what this is... some kind of ISM SAM vehicle

Scotia KS-30 130mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
Deployed mode

The same model, mounted on a base

Deployed model

The same model mounted on a base

GHQ S-60 57mm Towed Gun

Same model, but in towed mode.

GHQ ZPU-4 Quad 12.7mm AAMG
A finely detailed model, but in some ways just too small... difficult to assemble and the barrels bend easily.

I'm not sure who made this, but I think it is supposed to be a ZPU-4.  It is, however, probably twice the size it should be.

CinC Radar Vehicles
CinC makes an absolutely spectacular line of Soviet-era radar vehicles. 
This is a Long Track air defense radar.  I wasn't sure how to paint the radar dish, which is a superstructure in real life.  If I was bold, I would replace it with brass mesh.

This is the Thin Skin air defense radar mounted on KRAZ-214 heavy truck

Some Sort of Mystery Soviet Radar Vehicle On ACRV Chassis
Soft Skin Vehicles
An assortment of Soviet Trucks by CinC -- URAL 375 (large) and Gaz 66 (small)

GHQ Gaz-66
A significantly better model than CinC's, although it does not have removable canvas.

Same model in a slightly different paint scheme

This came in a pack labelled Gaz-66 airborne version...  Don't know the manufacturer, but wheels make me think Skytrex.

GHQ KRAZ Heavy Truck

This would appear to be an older version of the KrAZ-225B... though I am not sure.  The above model could be mis-identified.

CinC KrAZ-225B

More assorted KrAZs... At least, I think so

MAZ-537 Tank Transporter
A model from ISM, with a generic trailer

With an T-34 -- not appropriate for the model.  Let's just say it is taking it to a museum...

ISM Gaz-66 Maintenance Vehicle

CinC AT-T Tractor
A fine model in multiple parts that can be assembled either covered or uncovered.

ISM Fuel Truck
Looks to be URAL-375 based?

Electronic Warfare Team
Another one of the multiple-vehicle sets from ISM

GAZ-66 Communications Van
Either Scotia or ISM, but probably Scotia.  Antenae are 20 gauge wire.

Supply Vehicle
Some sort of supply vehicle from ISM

Miscellaneous Vehicles
This is one of the sets from ISM that included a number of vehicles in a single package -- a very effective way to sell them in my opinion.
This is a transport/launcher/transporter and a control vehicle

This is a transport/launcher/transporter and a command vehicle

CinC SS-20
An excellent model, and surprisingly large.  Well worth the $7.00 per model it costs.  Can be built in either transport mode (as show here) or deployed (which I opted not to build).

Almost nothing about this model is correct...

Skytrex Scud
Launch Vehicle and Missile
This certainly needs some work...

Skytrex FROG-7

Rater Vehicle on AT Chassis
Some sort of radar vehicle

Two Versions of GHQ's ACRV (Armored Command and Reconaissance Vehicle)

CinC version

Another conversion, antennaes and gun added, by persons unknown.  I believe the manufacturer to be Scotia.  Obviously, model isn't in the same league as its GHQ equivalent.

Another version

A custom-converted BMP-1, given to me by a friend

BRDM-2s with AT-5 ATGMs

CinC BRDM-2/AT-5

CinC and GHQ models side by side

H&R BRDM-2s in the anti-tank role

BRDM-1 with AT-3 ATGMs
CinC Model of early BRDM with AT-3 Sagger ATGMs

This is the GHQ version, which makes me think the above model is missing the cover.

BRDM-1 with AT-1 Snapper ATGMs
Model from GHQ

UAZ-469 w/B-11 Recoiless Rifle

Decontamination Team
A NBC decontamination team from ISM featuring what appears to be a modified GHQ URAL truck and a pair of modified H&R BRDM-2s

Another version of the URAL with the jet engine on the back.  I believe this one is from Scotia.

GHQ Infantry from the Soviet Infantry and Soveit Heavy Weapons packs.  These are a real bargain, and give you a large number of interesting figures for relatively little money.  While not as scale-accurate as CinCs, they are far sturdier and more detailed.  They are also significantly ahead of H&R.

Soviet Paras
Ok, these are GHQ Soviets again, this time painted up as paras.  Although it doesn't show up well in the photos, they have khaki uniforms with a lighter camo pattern.

AT-7 on left, a pair of AGS-17 30mm AGLs on right

H&R Soviet Infantry
Really not great models.  They are the proper scale, that is to say, very small, but also very fragile.  At least 20 broke during cleaning and painting.  Castings were from Viking Forge, who in the past licensed H&R models

Command Group

30mm AGL Teams

120mm Mortar Team

Infantry With SAWs and RPGs

More Riflemen

ATGM and Machinegun Teams

Forward Observer Team
Helicopters And Aircraft
GHQ SU-25 Grach
A super ground attack aircraft from GHQ, although assembly is a bit difficult -- tough to keep the rocket pods attached.  I need a better photo, as this one is way too washed out.

H&R Mil MI-24 Hind-E
A surprisingly good model from H&R, with armament options and a one-piece propeller.
In general, H&R helicopters compare rather favorably with other manufacturers (GHQ excepted)

GHQ's excellent early Hind.  I haven't figure out how to appropriately attach the rotors yet.  I used a new inking technique on this model.

Skytrex model, heavily rebuilt by me.  An absolutely massive model.  As far as I know, no longer in production.

GHQ Mi-8
I tried to airbrush out the flight stand

TU-128 "Fiddler"
A fine 3-D printed model from Shapeways, one that is absolutely huge, but fairly lightweight because of the material.  The surface is a little rough, but the missiles are extremely well done.

H&R Mig-23
Missiles are AS7s (I think) from CinC Soviet Aircraft missile pack

Skytrex model.  Kitted out with CinC Soviet missiles.  Admittedly, not a great shot.

H&R Mig-25
Decals from I-94 Enterprises

H&R Mig-29
This model is very, very small -- seems closer to about 1/320th.  In retrospect, I'm not even sure this is a Mig-29.

ISM Mig-29
Unlike other ISM models, it has no weapons cast on

I believe this is an H&R model

Another version

I believe this is the ISM model

H&R SU-7
Decals from I-94 Enterprises

SU-25 Frogfoot
ISM version of the Soviet ground attack aircraft

H&R SU-27

ISM version of the model, complete with a broad array of air-to-air missiles

Eastern Express AN-72P Naval Patrol Aircraft

Full Soviet Units

ISM modern Soviet tank company -- composed of FSTs (Future Soviet Tanks), probably pulled from the Pentagon's various publications.  This unit came boxed together from ISM, and I picked it up off of eBay.  It includes 11 tanks, a BREM-1 recovery vehicle and (from left to right, bottom row) a GAZ-66 maintenance truck, heavy fueler, MTLB engineer version, BRDM-2, BRDM-2 chemical recon vehicle, and BTR-80 command vehicle.

T-64 Tank Regiment
Made mainly with GHQ T-64s and BMP-2s, with a scattering of models from other makers.  Minus the infantry, of course...

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