21st Century US Military

This page focuses primarily on post-Cold War US units, primary Army, with a focus on the wars in Middle East.  In general, if you don't see it here, it is probably on the other US modern page (this is particularly true with both fixed- and rotor-wing aircraft)

Main Battle Tanks
Engineering Vehicles
Air Defense
HMMWVs, Jeeps & FAVs
Full US Units

Main Battle Tanks

Post-Cold War version of the Abrams, an excellent model from GHQ.  This one has a GHQ mine plow mounted and GHQ's NATO chevron decals.

Same model in desert colors (and, amazingly enough, both machine guns)


GHQ M1A2 Abrams TUSK
GHQs excellent new model of the recent M1A2 with the Tank Urban Survival Kit

CinC M1A2
A good model, particularly as it comes with the option of including both a commander and a loader manning their machine guns.  Baggage is made with bake-hard clay.

Another version...

GHQ Model

CinC Model


Recent model from GHQ, and a fine one.  I've added a fair bit of baggage sculpted out of clay.

More versions, in a slightly lighter color

Stryker APC
Part of the recent GHQ Stryker Range.  A fine set of models of the modern US APC widely used in Iraq.

Another Version, with the headlights painted (though not always well...)

Stryker Command Version
Needs to have aerials added

Stryker Mortar Carrier

Stryker Assault Gun

Another Version
This version is done with a more "flat" paint scheme.  I also tried to paint more details, but still missed the shovels.

Stryker Cavalry Vehicle

More Versions

Stryker With Javelin
GHQ Model

Stryker Dragoon
GHQ version of the newer Stryker variant

Alternate Versions Of The Stryker

Purely hypothetical, using spare hulls and turrets I had lying around

Terror War model from GHQ -- a fine model

Cougar 6x6
Another Terror War model from GHQ

Cougar 4x4
Four-whelel version of the above model


Fixed-Wing Aircraft

A resin model of the prototype that lost to the F-22 from GameCraft Miniatures.

MQ-9 Reaper
Shapeways model.  I should have added ordnance, but there you go.

Engineering Vehicles

M1 Assault Breacher
New model from GHQ, comes with two types of plows

M104 Wolverine Bridgelayer
GHQ Model

Buffalo EOD
Explosive removal vehicle from GHQ -- a really impresive model.  A big model, and very impressive looking.  There was one outside Fed-Ex field in 2011 when I took my boy to see the Patriots play the Redskins.

Stryker ESV
The mine plow is extremely well detailed, but somewhat fragile.

M728 AEV
GHQ Model

M105 Deuce

A new model from GHQ


M109A6 Paladin
A fine GHQ model with added baggage


New GHQ models -- very cool

M777 With FMTV Prime Mover
Modern 155mm gun from GHQ, along with its regular prime mover.  Crews are from GHQ.

GHQ M106 In Desert Colors

Air Defense Systems

M7 Linebacker

GHQ Model

GHQ model

Patriot Launcher
A fine model from GameCraft Miniatures.  Now just waiting for them to release the radar unit...

This is with a GHQ prime mover modified...

HEMTT A3 Centurion Phalanx
A very cool model from Masters of Military

Not really an anti-air vehicle, but a cool model from Masters of Military nonetheless.

Miscellaneous Vehicles

CinC model in desert colors

Rehabbed GHQ Model

HETS M1070 with M1000 Trailer
A fine model from Shapeways, designed by Masters of Military.  Truly rivals the best put out by any traditional manufacturer.

This is the Gamecraft Miniatures version of the same model. Equally good, but significantly cheaper.

Trucks, HMMWVs, Jeeps & FAVs

CinC models with AGLs and baggage

HMMWVs w/Add-On Armor

GHQ Models

GHQ model

M1091 FMTV Tanker
GHQ Model
(I kind of botched the hazardous material symbol on the side; it looks better at a distance... sort of.)

M1086 FMTV LWB Cargo Handler
GHQ Model

HEMTT Flat Bed
GHQ model, conversion kit from Game Craft Miniatures

HEMTT Gun Trucks

Conversions of GHQ Models

This is the GHQ version of the gun truck -- an excellent model, but includes no crew members.

Mk 48 M14 LVS with SixCon Containers
Fantastic models of the heavy Marine truck from Masters Of Military


GHQ Infantry In Desert Uniforms
With a smattering of forest camo helmet covers and kevlar vests

Stinger Teams

ATGM Teams
These are Dragons; there are no decent models of the newer Javelin ATGM

Mortar Team
Taking cover behind a CinC stone wall

Infantry Stands

Forward Observer

Scout Team

Battalion Commander
Don't know what the white crud on him is...

Machine Gun Teams

More Desert-Painted Infantry from GHQ

Full US Units

US Stryker Unit
Essentially a battalion-sized unit, this is the GHQ Stryker Combat Command

GHQ Modern US Urban Combat Team, Full Seat

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