WWII German Army
Soft Skin Vehicles


Panzer IVF-2
A GHQ model painted with Army Builder's dark yellow.  Most photos of these vehicles showed a significant amount of oil and other crud staining the paint job.  With this, and a number of other models, I attempted to replicate that with blobs of burnt umber ink.  However, I think the markings came out a bit large.  In addition, the Army Builder paint, a spray, goes on too thick and obscures detail.

CinC Version of the F2, modified in several ways, including the addition of H&R baggage.

GHQ Panzer IVG
Or maybe it is a IVF2...

Panzer IVF1
Same model as above, with a cut down gun to simulate the short 75mm gun

A much better version of the same model.

Panzer IIIL
Excellent GHQ model, came out of one of the ASL packs.

Panzer IIIJ
(At least I think it is a J...)
A GHQ model painted with Army Builder's dark yellow combination primer/base coast spray.  Overall, the paint is different that that offered by most other model paint makers, but works quite well.  In particularl, it does not darken when washed with acrylics, something that has proven problematical with other paints.

Similar model, washed with burnt umber ink

Panzer IIIG
CinC model, could be a IIIF... I'm not really good at ID'ing these.

Panzer IIIF
GHQ model

Same model, different paint scheme

Panzer IIF
An excellent CinC model.  I varied up the paint color a bit, as apparently there really wasn't a consistent color for tanks deployed to Africa in early 1940.

GHQ Version

GHQ's excellent model.  I don't think any ever fought in Libya or Egypt, but I'm reasonably certain that some went over to Tunisia for the final stand.  GHQ has two different models in a pack, differing only in stowage, and conveniently labeled "A" and "B" on the bottom.  I weathered these models with inks, a new technique for me, and it came out quite well.

Sdkfz 6 with 7.62cm Russian gun "Diana" from Armstrong Models

Standard German light armored car, from GHQ

H&R baggage on this model

CinC Version

SdKfz 231
CinC model of the early war armored car

SdKfz 251/1
Rehab'ed GHQ models -- really not very good

SdKfz 215/C7
Badly done engineering halftrack from GHQ

SdKfz 251/C9
Self-propelled 8cm mortar


5cm PaK
GHQ models, with a couple of crewman scavenged from a very old (I believe) GHQ 3.7cm PaK sprue.

CinC Version, from their "Squad Leader" line with built in crew and base.

JagdPanzer I
CinC model

3.7cm Flak Gun
A fine model from GHQ

Towed version with Sdkfz10 (I think)

Sdkfz 10/4

Early self-propelled anti-aircraft gun from CinC.  A great model, but really needs crew figures.


DAK Infantry
GHQ models from the Infantry and Heavy Weapons packs.  While these contain a number of excellent models, there are no 8cm mortars or other serious support weapons.

Machine Gun Teams

Machine Gun and Scout Groups

Scout And Command Groups
Terrain is sand and acrylic paste

Infantry Platoons

This is a whole regiment, made with a single pack of infantry and a single pack of heavy weapons.

Alternative versions of the infantry, essentially the contents of the GHQ DAK Combat Command

Machine Gun Teams

8cm Mortar Team

Soft Skin Vehicles

From GHQ.  Used to tow heavy guns like 88mm Flak.

Light prime mover from GHQ

German Opel Blitz Bus
A very unusual and interesting model from Armstrong Models

Opel Blitz Variants
Two different models from GHQ

Alright, I totally mis-identified this as a German truck, but I've been told it is in fact a Studebaker 2.5 Ton Truck from GHQ.  I guess I'll just call it "captured equipment."

Krupp Protze
Manufacturer unknown, but likely one of the British companies.  Trailer is probably GHQ.

Light vehicle from GHQ.  I didn't do the flesh on either these or the Kubelwagens because I didn't think it would show up next to the desert tan, but that was a mistake.

Standard German utility car from GHQ

Baggage is from H&R


DFS Glider

Not actually a desert war model, but there you go.  An excellent piece from Armstrong Models.  Decals from I-94 Enterprises.

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