WWII British Army
Soft Skin Vehicles


M4A2 With Sandshield
2014 model from GHQ - truly excellent

Valentine Mk II
A fine model from GHQ

This is the ISM version.  The body is copied from GHQ's Bishop (may be from one of the other GHQ Valentine models, but I don't have them, so I don't know...)

Valentine Mk IX

H&R Model

Valentine (some other Mark)
H&R Model

The Covenanter was an early British cruiser tank.  It was in generally an abject failure; it was never deployed in a combat role outside Britain, despite over 1700 built.  This model is from Armstrong, and is quite nice.

GHQ A-9 Cruiser Tank

GHQ A-10 Cruiser Tank

GHQ A-13 Cruiser Tank
Four models of the A-13 with various desert markings

GHQ Crusader I
Four models of the Crusader I in various desert paint schemes


This model is from CinC.  It is not up to the same standards of the GHQ model (though this was a used one, and not straight out of the package)

Another version of the CinC model, this of the Crusader II

Matilda II
GHQ's Matilda Infantry Tank.  These models suffered an unpleasant accident when sealing -- I accidentally grabbed the aircraft gray than the dullcote.  I repainted them, but they didn't come out great.

Here are a series of very, very old GHQ Matildas, dating back to the early 1970s, I believe.  I tried out three different paint schemes.  They don't compare well with their modern counterparts -- the shape is off, and the barrels are far too weak.

M3 Stuart
The famous "Honey" of desert service, in several paint schemes

M3 Grant
An older GHQ model, well-pitted with age when acquired.  One of the worst paint jobs on this site.

Several other versions, with far better paint jobs

This one has crude unit markings painted on.  Future models will have GHQ decals instead.

A whole horde of Grants (actually a platoon-scale early 1942 battalion)

MkVIB Light Tank
A fine GHQ model.  Also suffered from an inadverent priming...

Another, better-painted version

MK VI AA Version
GHQ Version

Morris Armoured Car
From GHQ, painted with the caunter camo scheme

Morris Armoured Car
GHQ model with 2lb AT gun

Humber Scout Car Mk II
GHQ model in two different paint jobs

GHQ Humber Scout Car Mk IV

Another version, by one of the British manufacturers, not really in the same league as its GHQ equivalent

Daimler Scout Car
H&R model

India Pattern Carrier Mk II
GHQ Model

Lloyd Carrier
From Armstrong Models, with and without canvas cover

Bren Carrier
ISM Model

Older GHQ Bren Carriers
A bit rougher than their newer items

Various Bren Carriers


2lber AT Gun
A good model from GHQ. One problem, though -- it has a seat for a crewman, but no crewman molded on.

Another version

6lber AT Gun
An Armstrong Model

Bishop Self-Propelled Gun
An interim self-propelled 25lber on a Valentine chassis, this version from GHQ

More Bishops, these from CinC

And these from GHQ

25lb Guns
These are very old GHQ models -- dating from the early 1970s, along with the current GHQ 8th Army artillery crews

These are the newer versions, complete with Quad and limber, but no crews as of yet.

4.5" Guns
Manufacturer unknown, gun crews from GHQ

Deacon Self-Propelled AT Guns
From one of the UK manufacturers

This is the Masters of Military 3D printed version

Bofors 40mm AA Gun
CinC model, with GHQ halftrack infantry for crewmen

Same models, mounted on bases

Pewtercraft Model


GHQ's 3" Mortar Team

More modern version

UK GHQ Vickers Team

The more modern version

UK Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Team

The more modern version

GHQ Infantry
GHQ's individual UK infantry in tropical dress.  The bases are play sand with white glue, repeatedly washed with varying colors.  I'm not entriely happed with the colors, but they'll do for now.

The following are the same models, done in a slightly different style, but including the more recent Bren gunner

Soft Skin Vehicles

LRDG Land Rover
An excellent model, along with infantry, from H&R

6lber Portee
An interesting model from Armstrong Miniatures.

Morris 15CWT Truck
GHQ Model

UK 15CWT Trucks
From Armstrong Models, both with and without canvas

UK 15CWT Radio Truck
From Armstrong Models

Thornycroft 4x6
GHQ model

Morris 4x6 Prime Mover
GHQ Model

India Pattern Wheeled Carrier
From Armstrong Models

Spider Gun Tractor
From Armstrong

Quad Gun Tractor
From Stevens International, which I believe just re-packaged Skytrex models.

Dorchester Armoured Command Vehicle
Manufacturer unknown

Aircraft Of The Desert War

Hawker Hurricane IID

Scotia model of the ground attack aircraft.  The paint job really didn't work out.

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