WWII British Paratroopers
Soft Skin Vehicles



75mm Pack Howitzer
H&R Model.  Yes, I did a bad job painting this model...

20mm Polsten AA Gun
Comes in three versions from H&R -- deployed for ground action, deployed for AA duty, and towed.

6lber In Towing Form

H&R Model

Cut-Down Morris Towing 17lbers

H&R model

17lber AT Gun
H&R has two versions -- each with a gunner in place.  One gunner has a helmet and another has a beret.  They are excellent models, and the inclusion of the gunner makes them doubly valuable.

Infantry And Infantry Support Vehicles

Soft Skin Vehicles

Para Jeep
H&R Model of the machine gun carrying jeep

Assorted Para Jeeps And Trailers
All models are from H&R, there are a wide variety but I'm not confident in identifying individual models.  The detail is excellent, but my painting skill is not necessarily up to the task.

Jeep Ambulance
H&R model, on which I did a decidedly sub-par paint job.

Well, all gliders really...

Horsa Glider

ISM model, not as good as the newer GHQ model but fairly acceptable.  This one is missing one of the front wheels.

Horsa Glider

This is the Amphibmods version, and is quite good

Hamilcar Glider
Amphibmods version of this giant

Hadrian Glider

This is the Amphidmods version of the glider, also known as the Waco in US service

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