Danish Army Vehicles

Centurion DK

The Danish Centurion fleet (which soldiered on into the late 80s-early 90s with the territorial forces and the Zealand Mech Division) have a rather prominent night vision/targeting system mounted over the gun.  They also have a pair of large storage bins on the back of the turret.  I made them all out of stock plastic, although the sides of the bins are wire mesh.  I am not pleased with the way the mesh looks, so I will probably also change that to stock plastic.  FYI the base model is from CinC and the additions to the gun make it far less likely to snap off.

The turret stowage didn't work out the way I hoped, so I ultimately covered it with camo netting, which Danish vehicles generally seemed to be covered with anyway.  Overall, these vehicles are passable, but I am not nearly as pleased with them as I am with the M41s.  I made a batch of five, but will probably adopt a different technique for any follow-on models.

M41 DK

The M-41 Walker Bulldog has long been one of my favorite tanks, and the GHQ model is an excellent representation.  However, since I really only paint models in service during the latter part of the Cold War, there was no real way I could justify painting this up in US colors.  However, Denmark kept them in service as reconnaissance vehicles into the early nineties.  The conversion is fairly extensive for the turret, but relatively simple for the hull.

For the turret, I first built the exterior storage boxes that give the turret its square appearance at the back.

I then added brass mesh of the wire screening around the front half of the turret.  I also added a two-part night vision system just above and to the right of the gun (at least, I think that it what that is.)

The side skirt were carved from thin stock plastic, using a template I traced by hand, then scanned and printed.  Once I had the template, it proved fairly easy to cut it out accurately.  If anyone want a copy of the template, please let me know. 

I finished up the prototype turret by filling in the gaps on either side of the box with Squadron Green Putty.  In this shot, there is still some sanding and carving to be done, along with some clearup with the wire mesh.

After several more changes, including the reduction of the brass mesh on the side of the turret and the replacement of the range finder, I painted it up.  Here are three shouts of the final product:

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