Soviet Mil Mi-6 "Hook"
I acquired some time back a set of 5 badly beat-up Soviet Mi-6 heavy lift helicopters off of eBay.  I do not know the manufactuer, but they are fairly crude.  They were only partially painted and all the tails had come unglued.  They also lacked rotors of any sort.  I cleaned them, reglued them, added some simple struts, and then primed them gray.  I also did a fair bit of filing and removing of flash. 
(picture forthcoming)
Here is the prototype I've done.  The rotors are stock plastic and of correct scale, except that where they attack to the drive shaft (the half round piece) is too long.  The paint scheme is taken from that found on some Mi-26 Halos during the 1980's. 

For a flying stand, I need something strong -- the model is very large and very heavy.  I used a #8 framing nail set in several large washers.

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