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For 21st century models, mainly those used in Iraq and Afghanistan, please see the the US Army in the 21st Century page.

Air Defense


CinC M109A2s
A nice model, particularly the turrets.  

Add on tracks are from H&R

Another camo scheme, including one with a FAASV ammo vehicle

GHQ M109A6
The M109A6 Paladin by GHQ is one of their best models, and one of the best I own.  It is well detailed with jerrycans on the side of the turrent and a CinC-style HMG mount (the hatch and the MG are one piece, making it easy to mount and easy to keep in place)

H&R M109
Not a bad model

CinC M110A2

CinC M110
Basic paint job -- served with various NATO armies through the 1980's.

Another paint job...

This is the rather simple version from a UK manufacturer, I believe an older H&R model

CinC M107 175mm Self-Propelled Guns

M53 203mm SP Howitzer
Early Cold War self-propelled gun.  A 3D printed model from Masters of Military.  Fills a long-empty hole, as no one else makes them.

M55 155mm Gun
3D printed model from Masters of Military

M41 155mm SPG
GHQ model circa 2015


Heroics & Ros MLRS Battery
Inferior to its GHQ counterpart, but better than the Skytrex, which is wretched.  These models have some stock plastic detailing added.  Painting note:  US Army Europe MLRS units were in MERDC camo right through until the end of the Cold War.

ISM MLRS Reload Vehicle

Atomic Annie
Fantastic model of the iconic US 280mm gun from the early Cold War.  Model by Masters of Military from Shapeways.

GHQ M198 155mm Towed Howitzer
An excellent model from GHQ, figures are GHQ WWII US summer artillery crew.

Here is the same gun ready for towing.

GHQ M114 155mm Towed Howitzer
Eventually I'll base these and put crews with them

H&R Lance Launcher and Reload Vehicle

Pershing 1 Missile
A fantastic, if expensive, set of vehicles from Masters of Military via Shapeways.  The detail on these models and the quality (they're printed in ultra-detail) is beginning to rival GHQ.

Pershing 1
3D-printed from Bill's Models ... at least I think it is a Pershing 1

Pershing 2 Missile
An unusual model from Shapeways, designed by Kokoda Trail Models.  It is scaled up from 1/600, and lacks much fine detail, plus it is printed in "White, Strong & Flexible", which gives it a rough finish.  Still, it is an interesting and rare model.

Ground Launched Cruise Missile
ISM models -- command vehicles and launch vehicles


Several more M106's with Dragon 1/144 decals

Stevens International M106
I believe these to be re-packaged Skytrex models

Older M106s ... I believe the one in the rear is an old GHQ models from the 1970s (though I have an even older model.)

This is the aforementioned "even older" model.  Not really in the same league as the newer ones.  Also, I did a really, really bad job painting them.

Air Defense Systems
GHQ M163
Really, not one of their best models, which is not helped by a mediocre paint job.  Unfortunately, the CinC version is not significantly better.

Another version

A comparison of the CinC and GHQ models

Skytrex M163
Not a great model

CinC Hummer Avenger
One of the last new models released by CinC -- an excellent casting with multiple parts.  The others are CinC HUMMWVs with Mk19 AGLs

CinC M730A1 Chapparal
Another fine model from CinC.  The only thing it lacks is the frames for the canvas cover that are usually stores on the front of the vehicle.

Another version, with a MERDC camo scheme and the optional cab cover.

A Chapparal by a UK manufacturer, though I don't know which one.

GHQ M42 Duster
One of GHQ's new releases from the last few years, the detail is just fantastic.

H&R M247 Sgt York
Also known as the DIVADs (Divisional Air Defense System), was cancelled just as it reached the production stage.  Problems throughout development yielded a system that could not meet requirements (although whether those requirements were realistic is another question entirely.)

Another version of the modely, using the same turret with the guns from the CinC AMX-30 DCA, and a GHQ M48 Hull.

US Roland
M109-based chassis with US version of Roland.  I believe this is the H&R model

Another version

Air Defense Anti-Tank System on M113 Chassis

ISM Version

Patriot Launcher
An excellent model from GameCraft Miniatures, a long-needed edition to the scale.

Self Propelled HAWK
From H&R, I believe this version of the ubiquitous SAM was phased out of US service early.  I think more will be ordered and the missiles used to scratch build ground mounts.

Nike Ajax
A Shapeways model of the early strategic SAM

Nike Hercules
A Shapeways model of another early strategic SAM

Nike Hercules
3D Printed from Bill's Models

Amraam Ground Mount
A hypothetical vehicle; picked this one up off of eBay, rebuilt it and repainted it.  An AIM-120 battery mounted on a HEMTT.

ISM Setter
Don't know anything about this vehicle, except what the package said...

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