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For 21st century models, mainly those used in Iraq and Afghanistan, please see the the US Army in the 21st Century page.

Fixed Wing Aircraft


My US helicopters are fairly plain, although I am looking to get some lo-viz markings for them.

GHQ AH1, GHQ AH64 Apache

Another shot of the GHQ AH-64

CinC AH-64
An outstanding model; my only complaint is that the rotor blades are too fragile.

AH-56 Cheyenne
An excellent and unique model from Starling Miniatures -- only 15 or so built in real life before being cancelled in favor of the AH-1
Comes with both metal rotors and plastic rotor discs
Anyone know how to glue on rotor discs without getting that fogging?

Skytrex AH-1
A decent model; the rotor is plastic cardstock

CinC AH-1
No rotors on these -- I was unable to get the factory version to assemble properly.  Eventually I'll get GHQ brass rotors to do the job.

CinC OH58A, GHQ OH-6 Cayuse

CinC OH-58


I picked up 9 of these off of eBay.  I believe these are originally made by Heroics & Ros.  I replaced the rotors with GHQ etched brass.

AH-6 Little Bird
A really cool little model of the attach helo variant of the OH-6 Cayuse from GHQ.

Heroics & Ros models with GHQ infantry.  Rotors are again GHQ photo etched brass.  The rotor mounts are cut down wire brads.

Early UH-1 from Viking Forge with GHQ brass rotors and brass wire for door guns

CH-34A Choctaw
A fine model from GHQ -- used early in Vietnam

CH-21B Shawnee
Another excellent GHQ model, but props are tough to keep on

Fixed-Wing Aircraft

This was my first aircraft.  From H&R, not a bad model at all (their aircraft tend to compare more favorably to other manufactuers than their armor models do).  I added GHQ bombs and missiles.   I consider the paint job to be a learning experience.

This model is from CinC, but while it is an excellent sculpt, I can't recommend it -- it is too difficult to keep from falling apart.

The fine GHQ model -- comes with a veritable arsenal of ordnance

Another, much worse version of the GHQ A-10

Skywarrior models, decals from a variety of sources, including I-94 Enterprises and Nichimo 1/300 plastic aircraft.  Armaments from GHQ's aircraft weapons packs.

CinC F-16
A fantastic model from CinC.  Truly a work of art.

The GHQ version... unfortunately, one got dropped and was damaged.

H&R Version

A Shapeways printed model of the later F-16 two-seater, complete with ordnance and a totally worthless paint job

Another excellent model from CinC

An excellent version of the F-15 from GHQ

A really awful F-15 (complete with landing gear) from an unknown manufacturer (could be Skywarrior)

A variety of F-15s

This is GHQ's excellent F-4E, with accessories from their airborne weapons pack.  The decals are scavenged from a Nichimo 1/300 kit, with tail codes from I-94 Enterprises.

F-102 Delta Dagger
Early Cold War US interceptor.  I believe this is the H&R model

F-106 Delta Dart
Mid-Cold War US interceptor. I believe this is the H&R model

F-105 Thunderchief
An interesting model from ISM -- comes with bombs already attached.

Part of a large lot of Skytrex aircraft I picked up off eBay.  This is a huge model -- feels like it weighs about a pound.  Despite the relative lack of detail, size, proportion, and general 'feel' seem right.  The decal on the tail is from I-95 Enterprises, while the one on the wing (which is probably ahistorical) is from Nichimo.

H&R Model.  Easily the most basic paint job I've even done.  Ultra-flat black body, dark grey air intakes, gloss windows, very slight charcoal gray drybrush.

Unpainted resin model from Gamecraft Miniatures.  I will eventually get his painted.

B-2 Spirit
An absolutely fantastic model from Gamecraft Miniatures.  They are promising more aircraft, and I hope they follow through.

This is the model painted with commercial ultra-flat black spray paint

This is the ISM version.  Its actually a pretty good model, but does have one tremendous flaw:  its actually about 1/400 scale, despite being sold as 1/285.  This is understandable, as it is a massive, heavy model as it is.

O-19 Bird Dog
GHQ Model

3D Printed

A huge, heavy model by an unknown manufacturer

A-37 Dragonfly
Possibly a Skymaster model, painted in Colombia's colors

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